Learn a new language with your 25% alumni discount  

As part of the King’s alumni community, you’re invited to use a 25% discount on one of our full-price language courses.

Open up a whole new linguistic experience, develop existing skills, add something to your CV and have some fun along the way.

With courses running in the winter term from Friday 12 January 2018, then in the spring term from Monday 23 April 2018, now is the perfect time to learn a new language.

What can I learn?

You can choose one of 26 languages to study and there are six different levels, from beginner to near expert. You could find yourself learning Arabic, Hindi, Swedish, British Sign Language or Urdu, to name just a few.

When can I do it?

You can fit in your studies around work and family commitments, with courses taking place on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

How long is each course?

Each level is taught in three parts and you can choose a standard or intensive pathway:

  • The standard pathway is taught once a week in a 90 minute class for 10 weeks (Monday-Friday)
  • The intensive pathway is taught once a week in a 180 minute class over a five week period (Wednesday and Saturday)

Each part is booked separately, but if you commit to studying all three parts, you will receive an additional 35% discount.

Where do I go?

Lessons take place across London at the Strand, Waterloo, Guy's and Denmark Hill campuses.

What do current language course students say?

Stephen is on the Spanish level one course for complete beginners:

Stephen featuring language

 ‘I only knew a couple of words in Spanish before I started so it was quite daunting, but my teacher has paced the course perfectly.

‘I was worried that coming to something new from a position of complete ignorance would be too much of a challenge, but I’ve learned a lot over the term and at no point did I feel like I was falling behind.

‘I think this is testament to the skill of my teacher and the thoughtful way in which the course is structured.’

Book your place and claim your discount

For further information about course content, fees and term dates, please visit the King's Language Courses page.

To redeem the concession, you just need to fill in and submit this evidence form.

If you have already signed up for classes, please contact the Modern Language Centre who can organise a refund.