The Florence Nightingale Mentoring Programme


Professional King’s nurses and midwives all over the world are mentoring King’s nursing and midwifery students and recent graduates to help them succeed in their studies and new careers.

Designed to help King’s nursing and midwifery students and recent graduates benefit from the experience and expertise of King’s alumni. This programme connects students and recent graduates with King’s professional nurses and midwives who can mentor them during their studies and their first year of work.

King’s Nursing and Midwifery Mentors support students by:

  • sharing their nursing and midwifery industry expertise
  • providing educational advice and guidance
  • reviewing a nursing or midwifery CV
  • preparing recent graduates for interviews
  • coaching students and recent graduates through their career goals and aspirations
  • offering work placements and internship opportunities if available

Mentoring partnerships are fun, informal and the results can make a huge difference! King’s alumni and students can use King’s Connect to find a mentor and mentee. Joining is quick and easy, register below to start enjoying the benefits of a mentoring partnership!


Members of the programme are also invited to exclusive nursing and midwifery events throughout the year, providing them with an opportunity to meet with other members in person.

What’s on?

      • Live Video Session: Top 3 Skills You Need Now to Succeed as a Nurse or Midwife 
        Join this live online broadcast to learn from three professional King's alumni as they talk about the top three skills you need NOW to succeed as a nurse or midwife. King's alumni share their insights so that you can benefit from their extensive experience in the nursing and midwifery field. Got a question for the speakers? Simply send your questions to: and our speakers will answer them during the live broadcast.


    • Nursing and Midwifery Mentoring Session with Professor Anne Marie Rafferty 
      25 April 2018. Meet and learn from Professor Anne Marie Rafferty as she talks about her time and learnings as a students nurse.