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Chelsea College

Jeff Breslaw
I run a charity called caring4carers. We give 11 week courses for family carers with a member who has severe mental illness and have taught nearly 300 people. We need more funding to expand our courses.

Salomone Venezia
Chemistry, 1970
I would like to receive news from classmates of 1962-1965 Chelsea College of Science and Technology - Chemistry Honours Degree.


Dr Anthony Atkinson
Medicine, 1955
Anaesthetist, retired in May 2014 after suffering a stroke – almost fully recovered.

Dr John Moorshead
Medicine, 1955
At 86 I neither have nor want a computer. I wonder for how much harm they are doing to my grandchildren and great grandchildren? I practice the piano two hours a day, sail my yacht, read and speak four languages, go on two or more cruises a year and spend about six weeks a year in our apartment in Madeira. My wife and I have been married 63 years in November. Who needs an e-mail?

Dr Christopher Stephens
Medicine, 1979
I have worked in the NHS since 1979 and the University since 1994 – initially part-time but then full-time since 1999. I led the team expanding the medical student numbers, working with different NHS partners and creating new programmes - BM4, BM6, BM (EU), BMedSc, MMedSc as well as all the developments in the BM5. I have had huge opportunities to work with others across the world - Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Malaysia as well as Europe and the USA to help colleagues develop their medical curriculum. I have moved from being a practitioner doing a bit of education in my early career, to an educator doing a bit of general practice now. I will certainly miss students, friends and colleagues but I think it will be a good transition to the next stage of my life. I am married and have three daughters and two grandchildren.

Dr Nigel Dickson
Medicine, 1980
I have decided to retire two years early from full-time general practice, following the merger of my single handed Southampton City practice as a result of increasing workload and taxation changes to NHS pension scheme.

King's College London

Professor Leonee Ormond FKC
Professor of Victorian Studies
I have edited a publication which includes essays by some King's members. This is The Reception of Alfred Tennyson in Europe, published by Bloomsbury as part of their The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe series in 2017. Professor David Ricks has contributed an essay on 'Cavafy's Quarrel with Tennyson' and Dr. Georgia Gotsi, who was one of his research students an essay on 'Tennyson in Greek Letters, 1830-1930: From Enoch Arden to Ulysses. 

Betty Dass
Geography, 1947
Miss Betty Dass passed away on Wednesday 9th September, very peacefully, in her sleep. Betty was a University Lecturer with degrees in Chemistry & Geology 1945, Geology 1946, Geography 1947, Inst. of Ed. Dip. 1948, Full Colours Rowing and Non Theological A.K.C. Diploma.

Basil Walby
Mathematics & Chemistry, 1949
Chartered Mathematician (FIMA); MSc (Melbourne); HPS MA (Deakin) History of Science; Former Editor-In-Chief CSIRU Australia (1971 - 1987).

Pauline Cox (Beard)
Latin with English, 1952
I do not wish to be pedantic but no one in the Classics department would have taken Latin with English. My degree was B.A. Third Class Honours in Latin (with Greek). Those of us (myself, Pat Cartright (a SNR Nurse) Julian Smith, Bruce Vail and Alan? Turner) took latin to a slightly higher standard and greek to a lower standard. Everyone else took classics. Julian and Bruce achieved 1st class degrees in Greek with latin. I don't know about Alan. In the last two years we all studied for 2 extra papers in addition to the papers on language and set books. I chose roman history and greek architecture for which I obtained an A. This alone I can be proud of and have the lovely letter from Professor Jenkins (who also taught Vic Petkis). I also still have another lovely letter from Professor Maguiness who was always very kind, as was my tutor Mr How. Peter Wilson and his wife Jill always kept in touch (sadly Peter died about 2006 but Jill and I exchange cards at Christmas). Through Peter I had a long telephone conversation with Bruce Vail who sadly lost his wife. I also learned that Eric Farrington had sadly died and Max Houchin was ill, also that Vic, who loved cricket and tennis and music had originally gone to Switzerland. Sadly I wrote to Jill just before she died. I know that Julian Smith married Mary Rice. He loved music as I do and I have a lovely painting by his father given to me for my 21st. I would love news of any of these people. Pat Cartwright was a great friend and godmother to my daughter. She went on to teach at Didcot and sadly died very young of a heart condition. I myself after disliking teaching latin (for 1 term) was asked by a neighbour who had become head of a primary school if I would consider part time remedial work with 9-11 year olds. This I did for 3 days a week for 10 years and also took science with the top 2 classes, history and PE. I also started a netball team which was loved by the girls and became very successful. In 1975, primary schools were reorganised and it would have meant full time which I would never have considered. I was able to enjoy tennis again.

John Reeve
Mathematics, 1952/1954
Still happily married to my childhood sweetheart and are nearing our 58th anniversary. Enjoying two children, six grandchildren and areospace interests – particularly on areo-engines and as a volunteer at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire, airpost and archiving.

Michael Dale
Mechanical Engineering, 1953
Retired. Exists on dwindling pension. Still read Mathematics journals, edited 'Bulletin of the London Mathematics society' & 'Proceedings of the London Mathematics society' (Founder Editor) for a while.

Professor Crispian Scully CBE
Dentistry, 1966
The International Award of the Spanish Society for Oral Surgery has been awarded to Professor Scully on the basis of his many years of collaborations with several universities in Spain. Thesecollaborations have resulted in several dozen papers and a number of books. He has prizes, gold medals for research and doctorates and earlier this year was awarded honorary membership of the Spanish Society for Oral Medicine.

David Lane
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have decide to honour me with title ‘Honorary Associate of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’. This is the highest award they can give to a non Vet and I am the only recipient this year and it usually goes to those in veterinary sciences so as a psychologist delighted to receive it for work developing the field of general practice (what is now called primary care in the Veterinary field).

Dr Stella Jean Compton Dickinson
MSc., 2003
Stella Jean Compton Dickinson (RAM 1972-1976 Oboe) (KCL MSc. graduate 2003) was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in October 2015 in a ceremony at the Cambridge Corn Exchange for her ten year NHS based research in music therapy: A Feasibility Trial of Group Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy in Secure Hospital Settings.

John Bryant
French, 1954
Cercle Français at King's #9 and VP of University French Society; Association Football; Squash Rackets

Stuart Duncan
Law, 1957
After graduation I qualified as a solicitor and practised in London until retiring aged 62. I then continued working part time as an employment judge finally leaving the law aged 72 and a few months. My main occupation now is playing golf– rather badly, but I have recently completed writing some reminiscences of my time in the law called In and Out of Court.

Charles Berkoff
Chemistry, 1958
I'll always remember our halcyon days together. Then again, maybe I won't. I'm still active as President and CEO of CEBRAL Inc., a drug discovery and development consulting group in Sarasota, Florida, but with time to purseu my two true passions: "Old Man Tennis" and, at 83, a new writing career. My first novel, Premedicated Murder, a humourous medical murder mystery written primarily in King's English, is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and e-book editions. See also and If you're still alive, and remember me please email me before it's too late.

The Revd Canon Michael Woods
Theology, year unknown
Now voluntarily teaching theology for the training of church leaders and ordination candidates in Kuching Sarawak.

Dr David Barnett
Honoured by the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England with the awarded of the prestigious Colyer Gold Medal for significant contribution to the profession through research, teaching and clinical work. Founded by the Faculty of Dental Surgery (RCS Eng) in 1951 to honour the service of dental surgeon and historian Sir Frank Colyer, the medal is awarded at irregular intervals "for liberal acts or distinguished labours, researches and discoveries eminently conducive to the improvement of natural knowledge and of the healing art".

Robert Hampson
English, 1970
My book Conrad’s Secrets (Palgrave Macmillan) has been given the Adam Gillon Award for best book on Conrad (2015) by the Joseph Conrad Society of America. I also published a second book earlier this year, Clasp: late-modernist poetry in London in the 1970s (Shearsman), co-edited with another King’s alumnus, Ken Edwards. A lot of the activity it addresses relates to Eric Mottram, who taught us at King’s. In addition to his important role in relation to the development of American Studies in the UK, Professor Mottram was also influential as the editor of Poetry Review – and, in addition to his national role in this area,  encouraged a number of King’s poets – myself, Ken Edwards, Peter Barry, Jeff Hilson, Sean Bonney.  

Dr David Bruce
Physiology, 1979
I graduated from KCSMD in 1984 having previously gained an MSc from KCL in 1979. I was awarded the OBE in the New Years Honours List 2015 (having previously been awarded an MBE in 1993) and was asked to attend an Investiture at Windsor Castle in May of this year.

Dana Cristle Collins Judd
M.Mus. (distinction) 1984, PhD 1994
I have been named the President of Sarah Lawrence College - see the announcement at

Dr. Mizan Siddiqi
Nutrition & Dietetics, 1988
Dr. Mizan Siddiqi, King's College London alumnus has been the winner of the 2016 Award for his outstanding contribution in public health by the American Society of Public Health (APHA) in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Richard Byrne
Philosophy, 1989
After a few years of getting back into the performing arts I’ve just finished a 3 month run on stage at the National Theatre in Carol Churchill’s “Light Shining in Buckinghamshire”. Put on in time for the General Election “Light Shining…” tells the story of the political failures at the end of the English Civil War. With that over I have moved on to a different theatrical project where I’m designing and building an Internet of Things device for a consortium, including the BFI and Leicester University, to enhance appreciation of the performing arts for people with problems recognising emotional states. In my spare time I have a job as a contractor to the sub-contractor of the principle contractors of the Ministry of Justice; where I write code.

Sharad Keskar
Religious Education, 1990
Retired, now a writer. I have written two novels and I am about to complete my third.

Rabbi Professor Walter Homolka
Theology and Religious Studies, 1992
In 2015 you find me as alumnus on the German Honours List with an OBE equivalent. The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck, honoured me with the Officers Cross of the Federal Merit Order. On February 27 2015, the Prime Minister of the State of Brandenburg, Dr. Dietmar Woidke, handed over the insignia in the state chancellery in Potsdam. Woidke thanked me for the establishment of the Abraham Geiger College in 1999 as the first rabbinical school in Continental Europe after the Holocaust. My initiative in 2013 was to also form the School of Jewish Theology of the University of Potsdam, Germany's Jewish Divinity School. I am a professor of Modern Jewish Thought there. On the day of the honour Germany's nationwide tabloid BILD voted me "winner of the day".

Revd Canon Amanda Cuthbertson
BD Theology AKC, 1992
I was made a non-residential Honorary Canon of Peterborough Cathedral last November.

John Lopez
Education, 1992
English Language Teaching, 2001

Chair of Governors at Allen Edwards Nursery and Primary School Currently completing an MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at Birbeck College

James Shum
Human Biology, 1994
Calling 1994 Human Biology graduates (start of course October 1991) - we are trying to plan a reunion and hope to bring together as many of you as possible - with our memories dulling with age, we have some first names, but surnames continue to elude us! Please contact James Shum or Neil Vargesson at with your contact details so we can add you to our database and keep you informed about our reunion plans. If you are active on FB, we have set up a FB page for you to check in and like.

Contact details: James Shum or Neil Vargesson
Email: or
Tel: 852 93036017

Lady Susan Tunnicliffe
Doctor in Education, 1995
2016 recipient of the NSTA Faraday Award for Science Communications.

The Revd Dr Benjamin McNair Scott
Theology, 1998
I recently had my PhD (completed at King’s College London) published as a book, 'Are apostles amongst us today?'. According to a growing section of the church, the answer is yes. My book Apostles Today: Making Sense of Contemporary Charismatic Apostolates: A Historical and Theological Appraisal, investigates and appraises that idea seeking answers to the following questions in the context of the church in the USA and particularly Britain: Is there a robust scriptural justification for the charismatic apostolate (CA) that most charismatic groups are proclaiming? How widespread is this belief and why has it become more commonplace? What kind of apostles are being advocated by influential popular teachers? What does church history and tradition have to offer to this idea? Is there a way to endorse and embrace ecumenically the CA? Does the CA have a future in the universal church? These are important questions to answer for the sake of the church's mission and health.

Joanne M. Hackett
Forensic Science, 2001
I am writing to let you know that the 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2016 has been published. I'm not sure how many KCL alumni are in there - but I am!! This is a very exciting acknowledgement for me and as much as I hate self promotion I am really proud to be part of this.

Lynne Chambers (nee Entwistle)
Education, 2001
I have been in my current post as Head of Biology at Greenacre School For Girls, Banstead for the last 10 years and was delighted to be a finalist in the 2016 Royal Society of Biology Teacher Award.

Dr Neel Burton
Medicine - MBBS, 2002
My new book, Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions has just been published. Today more than ever, the education doled out in class than our emotions, or hurt us more. Yet many people lumber through life without giving full consideration to their emotions, partly because our empirical, materialistic culture does not encourage it or even make it seem possible, and partly because it requires unusual strength to gaze into the abyss of our deepest drives, needs, and fears. This book proposes to do just that, examining over 25 emotions ranging from lust to love and humility to humiliation, and drawing some useful and surprising conclusions along the way. ooms is cold and cognitive. But, once outside, it is our uneducated emotions that move us, hold us back, and lead us astray. It is, at first and at last, our emotions that determine our choice of profession, partner, and politics, and our relation to money, sex, and religion. Nothing can make us feel more alive, or more human.

Vikass Luchoo
Healthcare Ethics,2002
I would like to keep in touch with my course mates, lecturers.

Anna Rae
Family Psychotherapy, 2002
I married Thomas Bennett at Fountains Abbey in 2010 and now have a lovely daughter, Heather. I work for the United States Marine Corps Behavioral Health Headquarters helping run mental health programs – it's good fun. I also work in private practice.

Dr Katie Williams
Clinical Sciences, 2002
I went on to study medicine after graduating from and I am currently in Nepal volunteering and running a remote mountain rescue post in the Himalayan village of Pheriche. It has been a truly amazing experience – we have evacuated over 30 patients so far this season and have been kept very busy dealing with altitude illness as well as the local population. I volunteered at a similar post at the end of last season in a village called Machermo.

Susan Ogundele
IT PGCE, 2003
Susan Ogundele has asked that we share with fellow alumni that she has produced a number of books that are targeted towards parents, guardians and adults working with teenager; as well as a workbook for young people.

Matthew Gee
Music Mmus, 2004
I am just about to release a solo trombone album. The disc contrasts twentieth-century showpieces with nineteenth-century songs. It is dedicated to David Trendell, with whom I worked on the lieder for the disc. More information can be found on my website.

Claire Karet
Visual and Performing Arts, 2004
Please can Professor Deathridge, Music, contact me regarding "symphony" 4x TV Progs.

Angella Williams
Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2009
I returned to full time education as a Mature student where I achieved a 2:1 Combined Honours in Criminology and Social Legal Studies. I then went on to King's struggling to achieve my MA but with the help of Professor Elaine Player, I achieved my Masters in Criminology from Kings College London.

I now run my own business, Angella's Kitchen, showing individuals how to cook and eat the Caribbean way. I also partner with the charity Women in Prison empowering broken women affected by the criminal justice system into entrepreneurship. My first manuscript, Sadie’s Shoes, based on a true story is due for release in 2017, a theme about going from failure to unimaginable success.

I would love to give credit to Kings College London and how, through the help of Professor Player, was able to embark on writing a book and how success at any age is achievable.

Clare Sample (now Catford)
Theology and Religious Studies, 2005
I have my own communications consultancy and train a wide range of businesses, from individuals to groups in public, private and third class sectors. I occasionally host Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 and Would Love Your Say on BBC World Service.I also do mental health programmes as I now have an MA.

Simon Desbruslais
Music Mmus, 2005
A major solo recording of mine, was released on Signum Classics last year. More information can be found on my website.

Melissa Douglas
Law, 2005
I am a director of Conrad Douglas & Associates, Ltd, and Environmental Science & Technology, Ltd, a premiere environmental management company in Jamaica. I am also a sole practitioner, offering a wide range of legal services in Kingston, Jamaica. I am also a graduate of the Norman Manley Law School, class of 2013 and have completed the AKC.

Abi Estelle nee Boys
Medicine, 2005 and Dentistry, 2012
I received the Points of Light award from Prime Minister Theresa May in relation to a children's surgical charity that I co-ordinate, Willing and Abel.

Ashraf Uddin
Biomolecular Sciences, 2006
During my time at King's I took up muay thai (thai kickboxing). I have since gone on to become English Champion, competed as part of the English national team winning numerous medals and recently became European Flyweight Champion. I have a few more fights lined up and then I have a world title bout in November.

Dashnye Daloye
War and Psychiatry, 2007
I am pleased to share with you my first publication as second author.

Ruth Clemow
Nursing Research, 2010
I'm doing a Masters at Southampton University in Marine Biology. I am currently on an Erasmus exchange at Gothenurg University in Sweden!

Zoe Holbrook
Music Mmus, 2011
In April 2015 took voluntary redundancy, following back surgery. Now planning some part time nursing specialist work, to continue my contribution to healthcare in Berkshire.

Chiara Feliziani
Law Non-Award Research, 2012
In 2014 her thesis won an important prize held by Sapienza University of Rome and now it is a book: "Tutela ambientale e servizio pubblico. Il caso della gestione dei rifiuti in Italia e in Inghilterra", Sapienza University Press, Rome, 2014.

Emma Van Der Veen
Medieval History, 2013
I am Advertising Manager for Time Inc's upmarket women's portfolio (classified) and I am Editorial Consultant for the Southwark Arts forum.

Marie Barbier-Mueller
Environment and Development, 2014
I am about to graduate in Environment and Development (I submitted my thesis in August) and I am now part of the team preparing for the first Round-The-World flight of a solar aircraft: Solar Impulse. The aircraft launched its record-breaking journey in March and I am travelling alongside it as part of the online media team with a continual behind-the-scenes insight.

Roksana Nikoopour
Molecular Biophysics, 2014
I have started a PhD at the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine.

Professor Harold Preiskel
Emeritus Professor of Prosthodontics at KCL School of Dentistr
Professor Preiskel was awarded the Gold Medal of the British Society of Prosthodontics on April 6th 2017. This triennial award is given for outstanding services to Prosthodontics. As Prof Preiskel already holds the Golden Medallion of the APS (American Prosthodontic Society) this makes him the only clinician to hold both these coveted awards.

Charles Ethrington
Dentistry, 1972
I am now retired from all professional work

St Thomas'

Dr Michael Cotton
Medicine, 1979
I am pleased to announce that my work, Primary Surgery, (Volume One: Non-trauma), 2nd edition has been published in June 2016 as a free online reference work by

Gervase Dawidek
Medicine, 1980
St. Thomas' Hospital Boat Club; St. Thomas' Hospital Ski Club

Professor Baarry Cookson
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medical Microbiology 1982-1989
I have just been given the prestigious Life Time Achievement Clinical Excellence Award by the Royal College of Physicians. Further details are available here


Dr Benjamin Pocock
Medicine, 1997
I got married on 18 October 2014 in New York City to James Schneider PhD, Stock Analyst at Goldman Sachs.