King’s College London Association 2018 Elections


Details of the candidates for the 2018 KCLA elections are as below.

Voting is now closed.

The results will be announced on 9 November 2018 at House of Lords during the Annual Meeting of the KCLA. 

Running for Chair

Benjamin Hunt
Philosophy, 2018

Whilst I was President of KCLSU, I became familiar with KCLA, and saw the great potential it can unlock for the alumni community. I chaired the Union Trustee Board and will bring my role of working within various committee contexts in Higher Education, as well as my passion, my recent experience of being a student and my relationships with many different stakeholders across the College to the role of Chair.

I have worked across the University to widen participation; and bring mental health to the centre of university activity and played an integral role in the formulation and now delivery of the Service Strategic Framework and Vision 2029.

My vision for the Association is to embed it within the Service strategy; realise its potential as a community asset and network, with the ability to empower students through the collective talent of the alumni community.

At the end of my tenure as Chair, KCLA will be equipped with a coherent strategy that builds on our engagement with communities across King’s. I shall do so by engaging the current generation of students now with KCLA and co-create a transformational strategy to inspire individuals to see the benefits of being part of the Association whilst they are at King’s, and to enable graduates to flourish into the future.

Barrie Morgan
Alumnus (King's Former Staff)

King’s is close to my heart. I joined the College in 1967 as an Assistant Lecturer in Geography. I became Founding Director of the International Students’ Office in 1988, and Director of External Relations in 1992. In this role I worked closely with the Chair and Secretary of KCLA to persuade the Principal to establish a Development Office. There were only three College employees, so KCLA volunteers were vital to building the supportive body of alumni which underpinned the first development campaign.

The situation now is very different – the Alumni Office employs 16 members of staff. From one perspective, KCLA has never been more vibrant, with five well-attended events in its annual calendar supported by the Office, and with a strategically-oriented Council. However, there is more to a successful alumni organisation than bringing graduates together at events. It needs both to represent the needs of the alumni to the College and to represent their views as King’s largest body of stakeholders at the policy level. KCLA’s loss of independence over the years, as it has become increasingly reliant on the Alumni Office and its database, make it difficult to fulfil these roles.

KCLA Council has to earn the right to be listened to as the voice of alumni through building a constituency of active members with which it is in direct dialogue. I believe my experience of understanding both organisations’ perspectives will help me address the challenge of increasing KCLA’s independence and influence, to the mutual benefit of the College and the Association.

Running for Member of Council

Michaela Thomas
Postgrad. Certification of Education (German), 1996

My association with KCL spans 34 years since arriving from Germany when I trained as a languages teacher. As a teacher I was always interested in technology in education and in ICT and moved into the ICT field as a female technical engineer. I have since smashed the glass ceiling by becoming one of the few female video-conferencing engineers in the UK. My experience at KCL gave me the confidence and skills to do this and feel that KCL is uniquely placed to encourage this.

I engage and collaborate with a global network that reflects KCL’s global communication engagement and outreaching. I have loyally supported KCL and continue to provide research support at KCL in cross- European educational projects, especially projects involving teachers and students in researching their own learning and practice. I believe that it is at grounds-roots level that research can transform and encourage KCL students to position themselves as researchers.

I regularly attend seminars, conferences and Alumni events. Living and working near the College, I inhabit and enjoy the London factor of KCL in all its traditions, aims and diversity and am keen to promote KCL for London and for the world as in the King’s Strategic Vision 2019.

I enjoyed and continue as a lifelong learner to enjoy the KCL student experience and bring commitment, enthusiasm, interpersonal and multilingual communication skills to the member role on behalf of the diverse and KCL Alumni community in the heart of the excellence of learning, research, collaboration and innovation that is King’s College London.