King’s College London Alumni Association


KCLA Annual Dinner and Duel Day Celebration 2020

KCLA has decided to postpone its Annual Dinner and Duel Day Celebration planned for 27 March until the autumn. Ticket sales more or less stopped at the beginning of last week, presumably over worries about attending a discretionary social event when the risk of contracting Corvid-19 was likely to be rising exponentially. We were mindful that by the time of the event it was very likely that the Government advice, at least to those most at risk, would be to avoid unnecessary social contact.

KCLA has a responsibility to its members. It would have been unfair, particularly to the more elderly, to put them in the invidious position of juggling their loyalty to the KCLA against the potential risk to their health. Vintner’s Hall has generously agreed to the postponement at no cost to the Association.