King's Sport

Students and alumni compete in 2013 KCLA Games

King's students and alumni compete in 2013 KCLA Games at Honor Oak Park (credit: King's PhotoSoc)

Did you play sports at King’s, either as part of a King’s or a Medics’ team? The fun doesn’t have to stop after graduation. 

If you and a few of your old friends are still living locally, consider reuniting the dream team by registering as a King’s Sport Community Club

We’re not all alike, and you may have missed the appeal of playing sport at King’s until you were being handed your graduation scroll. It’s not too late – you can join King’s Sport now. 

The Benefits of King’s Sport

If you’re not sure whether or not King’s Sport is for you, read on for some of the exclusive benefits you’ll receive through becoming a part of this thriving alumni network:

  • Discounted membership to King’s Fitness Facilities for all members
  • Discounted kit and equipment through designated providers
  • Opportunity to promote club activities directly to the King’s Sport community using official communication channels
  • Involvement in future strategy plans for King’s Sport to ensure continued member satisfaction
  • Benefit from future improvements to facilities
  • A sense of community drawn from participating in the King’s Sport network
  • Bridge the gap between different generations of students
  • Invitations to events such as the KCLA Games and KCLA alumni sports dinner
  • Support from department members, links to NGB’s and sport agency opportunities
  • Where relevant, full access to alumni benefits and events through King’s Alumni Office

King's Sport (a collaboration of the Sport and Active Lifestyle department of King’s and KCLSU) is on a mission to get even more people involved in alumni sport. Working together with King's Alumni Team and KCLA, they are dedicated to fostering a rewarding alumni sports network open to all King’s graduates.  

King’s Sport Community Clubs

As with any sport, there are a few rules: 

  • Members must be predominantly made up of current students, alumni or current/former College staff
  • You are encouraged to use King’s sport facilities wherever possible (you are also entitled to members-only discount and support)
  • One representative of the club will be responsible and accountable for all team activities

If you are an alumnus and already part of an existing club, or if you want to start a new one, you will need to register with King’s Sport to enjoy the benefits. All you need to do is email for further details. 

KCLA Games

The next KCLA Games takes place at Honor Oak Park sports ground on Saturday 5 October 2019.

All alumni are welcome as participants or spectators. Simply register your interest by contacting

The KCLA Games are held every year and is the only alumni-versus-students sports day held by King’s. It is a unique opportunity for an afternoon of sporting action and cheering on teams both old and young.

The Games draws massive crowds every year, and the atmosphere is always electric. There are teams competing across a number of sports in the men’s and women’s categories from both King’s and GKT. The most popular matches include rugby, football, netball and hockey. 

This event is open to all alumni. Amuse yourself with some highlights from previous year’s events on Facebook and contact to particpate or spectate at the upcoming games on Saturday 5 October 2019.