Going vegan isn't a foolproof way to be healthier, but we shouldn't ignore the benefits

Gurpreet Kharay explains why the benefits of veganism outweigh the drawbacks.

Police and politicians need a better understanding of slang

Tony Thorne believes that to better understand young people’s intentions, authorities have to get to grips with the slang they use.

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Call for Contributions

We want to hear your ideas for posts that will engage our diverse alumni community.

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The legal industry needs to digitise or be left behind

Tom Bangay explains why the legal practice must make sure it doesn't fall behind in an increasingly digital world.

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Entrepreneurs have diverse interests

Wolfpack developers

Georgina Lupu shares some of the important lessons she has learnt on the path to becoming a successful tech entrepreneur.

17 February 2020 14:07:00

We can improve diversity in engineering

This is Engineering

Daniel Rossall Valentine discusses the importance of encouraging people from all backgrounds to enter the industry.

19 December 2019 11:31:00

'Wellness' can be bad for your health

Gurpreet Kharay explains why the 'wellness' fad isn't for everyone.

11 December 2019 11:15:00

We need to do more to celebrate King's black history

King's has many black alumni of whom we should be proud, and whose stories should be shared.

14 November 2019 09:10:00

We need better representation on boards

Anna addresses the lack of diversity in boardrooms within the business world.

07 November 2019 15:51:00

Your social media connections come at a cost

Anita Kelly asks whether too much social media is bad for our mental health.

07 November 2019 15:41:00

'Yes we can' is meaningless without 'yes I will'

Jessica Berlin lays out the human and structural drivers that brought us the transatlantic democratic crisis.

04 November 2019 12:07:00

Having a baby can benefit your business

Hazel shares how her children inspired her games company, Gamely Games.

19 June 2019 11:42:00

Shakespeare has gone from colonial poet to poet of the colonies

Shehrazade takes a look at notable Shakespeare performances produced in India.

07 May 2019 10:22:00

It’s worth saving our small regional languages.

Roxanna Azimy takes a look at regional languages in Europe and how they offer insight into its history.

07 May 2019 10:21:00

Exercise will improve your mental health

Kulraj unpacks the science behind exercise and how it can benefit your mental health as well as your physical health.

07 May 2019 10:20:00

Starting a business? Just take it one step at a time.

Katherine Kimber shares her advice on building a business.

07 May 2019 10:10:00

Better communication is the key to better relationships

Family Therapist and systemic psychotherapist, Alon, tells us why talking things out is so important.

10 April 2019 16:33:00

Finding your voice is the key to getting published

Rachel Edwards shares her experience of finding her voice and getting published.

09 April 2019 16:55:00

You're strongest when you're most vulnerable

In order for people to improve their mental health they need to start by acknowledging it and speaking about it.

04 March 2019 12:19:00

Urgent policy reform is needed for disabled welfare claimants

Carole Ford (Law, 1969) tells us about the War on Welfare campaign and how they are fighting against cuts to disability welfare.

15 January 2019 14:15:00

Work can be made meaningful

Professor Katie Bailey of King's Business School ask how we can find meaning in our work.

16 December 2018 16:30:00

We need to do more to support the next generation of students

Kelvin Anim (War Studies & History, 2018) looks at the financial pressures facing students today and what should be done to alleviate them.

08 December 2018 10:38:00

African music will be the next big global trend

DJ Cuppy looks at the recent global rise of African music, with artists such as Mr Eazi even being played in Harrods!

13 November 2018 09:26:00

Socrates can teach us to stop and consider what comes next

James Bartholomeusz (MA Philosophy, 2014) asks how we can best use our university experience to make a difference in the world.

08 October 2018 09:41:00

The World Cup will not aid Putin's agenda

Manuel Veth (PhD History, 2016) looks at the political remifications of the 2018 World Cup being hosted in Russia.

03 October 2018 09:54:00

To modernise or not to modernise?

Shehrazade Zafar-Arif (MA Shakespeare Studies, 2016) believes there's still plenty to be said for Shakespeare adaptations.

11 September 2018 09:48:00

Volunteering to start your career as a humanitarian

Richard Davill (MSc Disasters, Adaptation & Development, 2015) looks at the humanitarian sector and why volunteering is so important.

22 July 2018 09:22:00

Welcome to your alumni blog

James Horrocks introduces the alumni community blog.

30 June 2018 12:01:00