Hussain Manawer performing on stage in a straitjacket

Hussain Manawer: You're strongest when you're most vulnerable

In order for people to improve their mental health they need to start by acknowledging it and speaking about it.

Work can be made meaningful

Man looking happy at work

Professor Katie Bailey of King's Business School ask how we can find meaning in our work.

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African music will be the next big global trend

DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy looks at the recent global rise of African music, with artists such as Mr Eazi even being played in Harrods!

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We need to do more to support the next generation of students

Student studying in a library

Kelvin Anim (War Studies & History, 2018) looks at the financial pressures facing students today and what should be done to alleviate them.

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Socrates can teach us to stop and consider what comes next

James Bartholomeusz (MA Philosophy, 2014) asks how we can best use our university experience to make a difference in the world.

08 October 2018 09:41:00

The World Cup will not aid Putin's agenda

Manuel Veth (PhD History, 2016) looks at the political remifications of the 2018 World Cup being hosted in Russia.

03 October 2018 09:54:00

To modernise or not to modernise?

Shehrazade Zafar-Arif (MA Shakespeare Studies, 2016) believes there's still plenty to be said for Shakespeare adaptations.

11 September 2018 09:48:00

Volunteering to start your career as a humanitarian

Richard Davill (MSc Disasters, Adaptation & Development, 2015) looks at the humanitarian sector and why volunteering is so important.

22 July 2018 09:22:00

Welcome to your alumni blog

James Horrocks introduces the alumni community blog.

30 June 2018 12:01:00