Hussain Manawer

Hussain Manawer
Photo courtesy of Kevin Scullion

Hussain Manawer is a poet and mental health campaigner from Ilford, Essex. As an ambassador for Samaritans, he has been working to reach young audiences on the importance of mental health. Hussain’s work has led him to support Oscar winning actress Cher, pop-star Ellie Goulding and share global stages with leaders like Justin Trudeau and Kofi Anan. He also holds the world record for the world’s largest mental health lesson, alongside King’s professor Dame Til Wyke.

He received an honorary fellowship from King’s for his mental health campaigning in 2018.


You’re strongest when you’re most vulnerable.
- Hussain explains how poetry has helped him as a form of expression, as well as it being a platform for bringing mental health issues to the wider public.

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