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Volunteering is the number one factor in starting your career as a humanitarian1
...Richard Davill <> (MSc Disasters, Adaptation & Development, 2015) is a United Nations Volunteer with the United Nations Development Programme
Socrates can teach us to stop and consider what comes next
...James Bartholomeusz <> (MA Philosophy, 2014) asks how we can best use our university experience to make a difference in the world. __
We need to do more to support the next generation of students
...similar aspirations to me. Alumni can offer plenty to support current students in terms of career advice, advice on what future industries students should be preparing for, what extra-curricular a
You're strongest when you're most vulnerable
...Hussain Manawer is a poet from Ilford, Essex. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of King’s College <'s-college-london.aspx>
Urgent policy reform is needed for disabled welfare claimants
...Carole Ford (Law, 1969) is a retired civil servant and a disability campaigner. She is a member of the steering committee for the campaign group War on Welfare (WOW). ___________________________
Better communication is the key to better relationships
...Alon Aviram (MSc Family Therapy, 2017) is a family therapist and systemic psychotherapist. ________________________________________ The most common issue I see as a couples therapist is difficu
Exercise will improve your mental health
...Kulraj Singh (Physiotherapy, 2011) is the founder of Tavistock Clinic <> in Crawley, West Sussex, which offers physiotherapy services for muscle and joint injuries.
Finding your voice is the key to getting published
...Rachel Edwards’ (French & English, 1996) debut novel Darling was published in 2018. ________________________________________ In May 2018 my debut novel, Darling , was published by 4th Estate, p
Starting a business shouldn’t be a leap into the unknown, just take it one step at a time, Nude Nutrition <> , offers personalised, evidence-based advice and nutrition coaching. ________________________________________ I have always wanted t
Having a baby can benefit your business
...would-be entrepreneurs, but especially those with or expecting children, is to ask for help and advice. That might take the form of emotional or practical support from your friends and family, as w
‘Yes we can’ is meaningless without ‘yes I will’
...Jessica Berlin (M.Sc. Political Economy of Emerging Markets, 2014) is the founder and Managing Director of CoStruct <>. ________________________________________ In a TE