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Dr Njoki Wamai: We need to do more to celebrate King’s Black history
...recent years, moves have been made to start to counter this problem. Every October, for example, Black History month reminds us about the challenges we have faced, the progress we have made and the
Daniel Rossall Valentine: We can improve diversity in engineering
...Daniel Rossall Valentine (MA Systematic Theology, 2012) is Head of the Engineering Talent Project, Royal Academy of Engineering, and campaign lead for ‘This is Engineering’. Technology is shapin
Tony Thorne: Police and politicians need a better understanding of slang
...Tony Thorne is Director of the Slang and New Language Archive at King’s. This post is based on an article that originally featured in The Conversation <
Georgina Lupu: Entrepreneurs have diverse interests
...Georgina Lupu Florian (MSc Electrical Engineering with Business Management, 2012) credits King’s with helping to shape her into the tech entrepreneur she is today. She shares some of the important
Gurpreet Kharay: vegan isn't a foolproof way to be healthier, but we shouldn't ignore the benefits
...Gurpreet Kharay <> (Nutrition, 2009; Medicine, 2010) is a doctor in Adelaide, Australia. There are many reasons for considering a vegetari