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Socrates can teach us to stop and consider what comes next
...James Bartholomeusz <> (MA Philosophy, 2014) asks how we can best use our university experience to make a difference in the world. __
Work can be made meaningful
...Katie Bailey <> is Professor of Work and Employment at King's Business School. This post is based on an article that originally feature
We need to do more to support the next generation of students
...had similar aspirations to me. Alumni can offer plenty to support current students in terms of career advice, advice on what future industries students should be preparing for, what extra-curricul
Finding your voice is the key to getting published
...Rachel Edwards’ (French & English, 1996) debut novel Darling was published in 2018. ________________________________________ In May 2018 my debut novel, Darling , was published by 4th Estate, p
Starting a business shouldn’t be a leap into the unknown, just take it one step at a time
...Katherine Kimber (Nutrition & Dietetics, 2013) is a registered online dietitian with a specialist interest in Intuitive Eating on a mission to set people free from dieting and confusing nutrition i
Having a baby can benefit your business
...Hazel Reynolds (English, 2008) is founder and CEO of Gamely Games <>. They are currently one of the ventures on the King’s20 Accelerator programme. ____________________