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You're strongest when you're most vulnerable July 2018 in recognition of his campaigning on mental health issues. ________________________________________ Everyone faces a crisis at some point in their lives. I’ve experienced mental he
Urgent policy reform is needed for disabled welfare claimants
...Independence Payment (PIP), which helps with extra costs incurred by those with long term ill-health or disability. Continual reassessments by private companies acting on behalf of the government m
Better communication is the key to better relationships
...Alon Aviram (MSc Family Therapy, 2017) is a family therapist and systemic psychotherapist. ________________________________________ The most common issue I see as a couples therapist is difficu
Exercise will improve your mental health
...and joint injuries. ________________________________________ Most of us consider our physical health to be very important to us. We talk about wanting to lose the extra weight we’ve gained over
Starting a business shouldn’t be a leap into the unknown, just take it one step at a time
...binge eating, how to stop emotional eating, how to stop food obsession and learn to enjoy eating healthy foods that satisfy them. The decision to start my own business wasn’t made out of the blu