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You're strongest when you're most vulnerable July 2018 in recognition of his campaigning on mental health issues. ________________________________________ Everyone faces a crisis at some point in their lives. I’ve experienced mental he
Urgent policy reform is needed for disabled welfare claimants
...Carole Ford (Law, 1969) is a retired civil servant and a disability campaigner. She is a member of the steering committee for the campaign group War on Welfare (WOW). ___________________________
Better communication is the key to better relationships
...Alon Aviram (MSc Family Therapy, 2017) is a family therapist and systemic psychotherapist. ________________________________________ The most common issue I see as a couples therapist is difficu
Exercise will improve your mental health
...Kulraj Singh (Physiotherapy, 2011) is the founder of Tavistock Clinic <> in Crawley, West Sussex, which offers physiotherapy services for muscle and joint injuries.
Finding your voice is the key to getting published
...Rachel Edwards’ (French & English, 1996) debut novel Darling was published in 2018. ________________________________________ In May 2018 my debut novel, Darling , was published by 4th Estate, p