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This year is the 65th anniversary of Photo 51, an iconic photograph taken by PhD student Raymond Gosling under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin. The X-ray photo helped to identify the unique structure of DNA and in turn revolutionised the world of science forever. 

65 years later and our students, like Raymond, are still helping to make revolutionary discoveries that will transform the world we live in. Professor James Spicer is currently leading a team of talented students to pioneer a form of targeted immunotherapy, which activates the body’s immune system to combat cancer. The team are trialling the treatment at the moment, and if successful it has the potential to stop cancer in its tracks and save the lives of people all over the world.

These exceptional students come from all over, both nationally and internationally, and from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. As the funding climate becomes more uncertain and unpredictable it is vital that here at King’s we continue to attract the brightest students who will make history in years to come.

For exceptional students from low-income backgrounds the decision to study at King’s is becoming increasingly difficult, for fear of placing themselves in huge amounts of debt, especially with the cost of living in London on the rise. A gift from you will give a promising student the opportunity to thrive in the ground-breaking environment King’s provides.

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‘Obtaining enough funding to complete my Bachelors was always a source of anxiety for my family and I. However, my scholarship has helped ensure that I am able to fully concentrate on my studies and has enabled me to take up so many opportunities within my department that otherwise would have been unavailable to me as I often used any spare time to pursue part-time employment.

I cannot thank the alumni community enough, this scholarship has been truly life changing for me.’

Alexandra Reid, War Studies

Without alumni support some of our most talented students like Alexandra wouldn’t be able to make the most of all that King’s has to offer, to go on and achieve extraordinary things.

Please give a donation today. Your gift will help unlock a world of opportunities for a King’s student.

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