Buy a Book Appeal 2016

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Provide inspiration to last a lifetime

Last year, with help from supporters like you, King’s libraries bought hundreds of extra books and ebooks. We believe that the greater the reading resources that we’re able to offer to our students, the greater their opportunity to become inspired, and achieve success. Just one extra book can spark an unquenchable passion to discover, to delve, to excel or to immerse yourself in an exciting world of new thinking.

This year, through our Buy a Book appeal, we want to go even further. With your support, we want to provide our students with inspirational books that extend far beyond the traditional curriculum. The resources that are going to stretch and challenge them, excite and inspire them.

Will you give a gift of today and help students read more and achieve more? 

Your gift will be invested to spark a lasting passion for reading – in and outside of academia 

The book you buy could open the door to a whole new area of research, interest and involvement. Just imagine, your gift could be the spark that helps a King’s student achieve the exam results they always aspired to. You could even change the course of their lifetime’s work, or you could change their view of the world. You and your book have the power to do exactly that.

Support from alumni like you will also help launch the Man Booker Prize university scheme. As part of this initiative, every first year student will receive a Man Booker Prize-nominated novel, introducing them to modern ‘classics’ and encouraging them to engage with the very best in contemporary fiction. Importantly, the scheme will encourage first year students to read for enjoyment, not just for study, in turn shaping well-read and well-rounded minds.

Leave a bookplate note to encourage generations of King’s students


When you donate, please make sure to leave an inspirational message and let our students know your all-time favourite book. Your message and book suggestion will be added to a bookplate and put in the front of a new book to inspire or encourage a student during a long stint in the library.

Please give a gift today, so this year’s cohort of King’s students has access to the additional books that will inspire them and spur them on to even greater achievement. 


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