Global impact


Your donation to King’s stretches far beyond our London setting. With the help of alumni, King’s supports major international development projects, changing and saving lives around the world.

Tackling Ebola and rebuilding health systems in Sierra Leone 

Since 2013, The King’s Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP) has been working with local partners to strengthen the country’s fragile health system, damaged by years of civil war. 

When the Ebola outbreak struck Sierra Leone in May 2014, very few NGOs were able to stay in the country and help, and because of the lack of the existing state of healthcare and training, the Sierra Leonean government wasn’t equipped to tackle the epidemic alone.

The KSLP team made the decision to stay in Sierra Leone, and quickly became one of the major front line respondents of Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak, working with the government, the army and other NGOs to stop the spread of the virus.

King’s alumni and supporters raised over £580,000 to cover supplies used during the outbreak such as personal protection suits, gloves and chlorine, as well as paying for flights and accommodation so more volunteer doctors and nurses would join the KSLP team.

As a result the KSLP were able work a huge difference. During the Ebola crisis they:

  • Managed over 1100 Ebola cases
  • Pioneered a model of rapidly establishing isolation facilities, which was scaled-up throughout the region 
  • Helped six hospitals across Freetown set up Holding Units
  • Trained over 50 healthcare workers to support the crisis nationally

Now the Ebola crisis is abating, KSLP is returning to its original purpose – to strengthen Sierra Leone’s health system so that the country will be better equipped to tackle future medical emergencies, like Ebola.

There are currently only 150 doctors, eight surgeons and no psychologists at all, to serve a population of over six million Sierra Leoneans. Your donation will allow KSLP to work with local medical schools to train more urgently-needed doctors, nurses and surgeons. 

Training a new generation of leaders in Africa

Africa is home to more than 40% of global conflicts, with many countries suffering from weak economies and fragile political infrastructures. The African Leadership Centre (ALC) is a joint initiative of King’s College London and the University of Nairobi. Its core aim is to train and mentor young Africans, growing a new generation of home-grown leaders, with the potential to enable innovative change in the region. 

Through The ALC, King’s is helping to address the problem of Africa’s ‘brain drain’, where talented young people leave their countries due to limited opportunity for growth. The fellowship program has already given rise to dozens of new African leaders occupying key positions in business and government, all of whom are working to promote peace, security and development in the continent.

Addressing mental health problems in the wake of Sri-Lanka’s Tsunami

In 2004 the South Asian tsunami swept across the Indian Ocean, devastating countries in its path. Sri Lanka was one of the hardest hit. The destruction and ensuing problems left many people traumatised, and mental health problems became more prevalent.

With the support of the Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) and the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, King’s clinical academics set up a Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health, in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. 

Over five years, King’s ran a series of workshops and outreach programmes, providing practical training for healthcare and social workers on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depression; as well how to deal with domestic violence, addiction, and stress reactions in children. This training has helped to build a more robust and widespread network of mental health support in Sri Lanka.

With your help, King’s can continue to change and save lives around the world. Please donate online today.