Leave a gift in your will: how you can give

Giving a share of your estate
This is called a residuary legacy, and is either all or a percentage of your remaining estate, once all fees, outstanding costs and other gifts have been taken care of. Even a small percentage of your estate can make a big difference.

A fixed sum of money
This is called a pecuniary legacy. You can link your legacy to the retail price index to ensure that the value of the gift you make today is worth the same in the future. This will prevent your gift from decreasing in value over time. 

Non monetary gifts
This is called a specific legacy and enables you to leave specific assets such as property, stocks and shares or other valuables like jewellery or paintings.

A postponed gift
This is called a reversionary legacy and allows you to leave your estate, or part of it, in trust for the benefit of a particular person, such as a spouse, during their lifetime. They benefit from using the assets, or receiving the income from them, in life. On their death, the assets pass to other chosen beneficiaries (called ‘reversionary beneficiaries’) such as King’s.

Note: Gifts of a significant proportion of an estate can be held in an endowment dedicated to the area of greatest importance to you. This will ensure your funding continues in perpetuity. Please contact our legacy team if this is an option that you wish to consider.