Leave a gift in your will: make a difference

A legacy gift can change lives. It can help shape the future of our students and staff. It can also help King's continue to lead research, discovery and positive change in the world.

Our alumni and staff share why they have chosen to leave a gift in their will

‘When we look back over our lives, our achievements have exceeded our wildest expectations. We owe this in no small part to King’s, not just the excellent education we had, but also the other experiences we had at such a formative time of our lives. We are so grateful for the education and experiences  and want to show this by supporting King’s in our will.’
Valerie and Michael Calderbank (Physics, 1966 and 1964)  Read their story here

‘My bequest is the best way to give future generations of young people the same start in life that I had. King’s gave me the opportunity to begin a fulfilling career that has lasted a lifetime. My means are very modest, but King’s has always been important to me and I would like to help in whatever way I can. There are thousands of us alumni, and our gifts add up.’
Sheila Doak (Natural Sciences, 1950)          

‘I believe that the society that we serve relies on those of us who have a bit more, to share that more widely. Therefore, a legacy is one very good way of showing my appreciation for the society in which I have lived thus far and will continue to live hopefully for a long time yet.’ 
Professor Arnie Purushotham, Director of King’s Health Partners Cancer Centre   

‘It was an easy decision to leave a legacy gift because of the impact that King’s had on me personally and on my career …… I don’t know where I’d be now without those experiences.’
Jeff Collins (Philosophy, 2005)


Our students and staff share how they've benefited from gifts in wills

‘Donations are life changing. University can be a gateway to change someone’s whole life. In the past I have seriously considered dropping out because of money and having that extra money has made it possible to go on. King’s alumni are really helping me achieve a dream.’ 
Jasmine Draxler (Undergraduate student, Psychology)

‘Without the scholarship, I would have had to prioritise working to earn the money I needed for university and put aside my real passion.’
Madeleine Alabaster (Helen Hudson Memorial Scholar)

‘This award has unlocked so many opportunities which I didn’t even know were available. Having this financial security has opened up a future career as a doctor….. I hope that in a few years I will be in a position to help someone else who requires financial support.’
Manpreet Kaur Sagoo (Undergraduate student, Medicine)

‘Legacy gifts have enabled me to buy equipment that is difficult to fund and more importantly, to pump prime new research projects and launch the careers of young academics.’
Professor Alberto Smith, Head of Academic Department of Vascular Surgery