Tax efficient giving

Gift Aid

Thank you for considering making a gift to the College. By also signing up to the gift aid scheme you will be increasing the value of your gift by 25%.

All you need to do to be eligible for this scheme is:

• Pay enough UK income tax and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount of tax to be reclaimed on all your charitable donations in the appropriate tax year.

• Complete a Gift Aid declaration form. If you pay the higher rate of income tax then you can claim back the difference between the higher rate of tax (40%) and the basic rate of tax (20%) on the gross value of your donation.

If you earn over £150,000 per year, you can claim the difference between the additional rate of tax (50% until 05 April 2013, 45% thereafter) and the basic rate of tax (20%) on the gross value of your donation. 

The HMRC offer a scheme for donors who complete a Self Assessment tax return which enables higher rate tax payers to donate the higher rate tax relief to King’s College London.

For more information visit Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs website.

Donating Shares

It is now possible for alumni to receive income tax relief for gifts of quoted shares and certain other investments, whether resident or not in the UK. This is on top of Capital Gains Tax relief.
The amount a donor can deduct is the market value of the shares or securities at the date of disposal plus any incidental cost of disposing of the shares. Donors can also claim tax relief at the top rate of tax on their Self Assessment or Corporation Tax return. The Inland Revenue leaflet IR 178 explains how to work out the market value of your shares, and how to claim your tax relief.
For more information please e-mail, or call 020 7848 3053.