Greta Bellamacina

Kaleidoscope aims to provide an invaluable encounter with words for thought. Poetically, philosophically and elegantly touching upon the basic human emotions, through a journey of multiple reflections. Drawing on the infinite patterns of colour formed unconsciously in life through a kaleidoscopic prism. Rotating and recurring. Forming inwards, unexpectedly and vibrantly for all to inspire.  

About the author

Great Bellamacina graduated from King's in 2012 with a degree in English Language and Communication. Greta’s work uniquely combines poetry and fashion: she is All Saints in-house-poet and contributes poetry to Twenty8Twelve (the label founded by Sienna and Savannah Miller) and Harper’s Bazaar. She has collaborated with director Jacob Perlmutter to make two short films for Harper’s Bazaar that combine fashion and poetry. The first focused on San Francisco, while her most recent, Blake’s Wife, is a response to William Blake’s poem London from a female perspective. She is also a model and signed to VIVA Model Management.