Stay Calm and Content

Cat Williams

Life brings daily challenges, both large and small, for us all.

Are you sometimes stressed, anxious, or emotional? 
Do you ever feel something is missing, even when you think you should be happy? 
Are there people with whom you don’t get on well, but wish you did? 
Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way, do or don’t do certain things, or have done something you now regret?

The author’s clients suggested this book be written so that anyone could find encouragement and new ideas within its pages.  It is not a typical self-help book, you don’t need to have a ‘problem to solve’, this book is for everyone.

People who find a way to stay calm and content in spite of what life might throw at them, all have similar thoughts, behaviours, and attributes, which can be learnt by anyone. This book shows you how using straight-forward, jargon-free language.

At least 50% of the authors’ proceeds will go to charities or organisations which help the recovery of individuals who have been affected by traumatic or difficult circumstances, whatever they may be.


About the author

Cat Williams is a relationship counsellor who qualified with the renowned UK charity, Relate, in 2007. She has a B.Sc. (Hons) in physiotherapy from Kings College London and is a British army wife and mother of two.

She is currently based in Canada with the British Army but is originally from Wrexham in Wales and has lived and worked in many different locations including Germany, Southern England and Scotland.  She has had the pleasure and privilege of talking to hundreds of people about their common but difficult issues and of helping those people come through them as calmly and contentedly as possible.


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