Merger Arbitrage

Thomas Kirchner
Physics, 1991

Everything you need to know about merger arbitrage

Few books have ever been published about merger arbitrage. While other areas of finance are covered by more titles than anyone can read, merger arbitrage has been the poor stepchild of the investment literature. This book fills the void as the first in a decade to cover this strategy. It takes a deep look into the strategy and its use in a portfolio with numerous illustrative examples of actual merger arbitrage transactions.

Merger Arbitrage has been written for a wide range of investment and M&A professionals:

·      Investors learn the benefits of merger arbitrage and how to integrate it into their asset allocation strategy.

·      Deal makers who look for to structure their deals to get the support of the arbitrage community will get an understanding of what arbitrageurs look for in mergers.

·      Arbitrageurs can find a road map for executing arbitrage strategies successfully.

Merger Arbitrage is the definitive book on one of the most effective forms of arbitrage. Organized into three comprehensive parts, this reliable resource introduces you to the basics of the arbitrage process in Part One, discusses the possible pitfalls of the approach in Part Two, and deals with some practical questions of investing in merger arbitrage in Part Three.

Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this timely guide goes beyond the description of the arbitrage process to examine the benefits of adding merger arbitrage to your portfolio, while introducing you to the vehicles that can be used to incorporate this strategy into your everyday investment endeavors.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (12 Aug 2009). Amazon UK price: £55.25 (10/08/09)