My Restless Spirit
Reg Grant

I was educated in the scientific model but I was destined to cross the river that divides the scientists and the spiritualists. I now realise the strict limitations that science places on our lives and how it cannot accept the non-physical Afterlife because it does not have physical characteristics by which it can be measured.

The birth of my father was the outcome of a love affair between Lily Digby and Lord Alwyne Compton who was the third son of the fourth Marquess of Northampton. My father’s birth was never registered and it was shrouded in secrecy and he never found out who were his parents.

It became a family secret and those who knew the secret have since taken it with them to the grave. I was to discover the secret after I had undergone a period of awakening and enlightenment lasting some 25 years culminating in a visit from my beloved grandmother

Lily who transcended this life in 1936

Book Details:
Title: My Restless Spirit
Author: Reg Grant
Publisher: AES Books
ISBN: 978-0-620-43149-1
Format: Hardback
Size: 234 x 154mm / Extent: 280 pages
Illustrations: 16 page colour and halftone section
RRP: R 190.00 incl. p+p South Africa / UK £15.99