new stars for oldNew Stars for Old: Stories from the history of astronomy

by Marc Read, PhD Philosophy (2001)

New Stars for Old is a collection of twenty short stories, each dealing with a specific character or episode from the history of astronomy. Accompanied by historical notes, the book covers the changing relationships between science, astrology, religion and general intellectual culture from Aristotle to Newton through the eyes of central and peripheral figures. It’s based on research Marc undertook for his Ph.D. from the Philosophy department at King’s (awarded 2001). 

"Delightful and erudite ... fascinating" (Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist)

"Fresh and imaginative" (Ursula Coope, Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Oxford)

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About the author

Marc lives with his wife and children in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he teaches philosophy and physics at the city's Royal Grammar School. Hobbies include reading plays and poetry, taking his motorbike out for tours of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and watching lots of old movies.