Alexandros Petersen: Eurasia's Shifting Geopolitical Tectonic Plates


This anthology of articles, short studies, and interviews by Alexandros Petersen was written over the span of ten years, starting in 2004. Yet they are even more relevant today in their prescient analysis. Petersen insightfully addresses the implications of the West withdrawing its engagement from the Caucasus and Central Asia, the expansion of the Chinese influence, and Russia’s strategic interests.

The collection is organised around four main topics:

  • Eurasia and a changing transatlantic world: the world politics of shifting frontiers in the post-Soviet world 
  • Energy geopolitics in the Caspian and beyond, with its crucial implications for European energy security
  • the Black Sea world, covering the dynamics of Russia, Turkey, and the South Caucasus, including the role of NATO and frozen conflicts in the region
  • the new silk roads: China’s inroads in Central Asia, which is often overlooked in the West but will be critical for the geopolitical balance of powers.


'This collection of articles, essays, and interviews provides important insight into a part of the world that has been often misunderstood, with global consequences. Alexandros Petersen was a young scholar with knowledge and wisdom beyond his years. We are fortunate to have this body of work to inform us and to help shape future policy
.' (Minouche Shafik, London School of Economics)

'This is a wonderful collection of writings on energy geopolitics and Eurasia by a remarkably talented and well-traveled observer. Alexandros Petersen brought passion and keen insight to issues that demand far more attention from Western policymakers.' (Theo Farrell, University of London)

'Alexandros Petersen was well on his way to being one of the leading scholars of twenty-first century international relations, not just as an academic but as someone who engaged with the world around him. He had that essential mix of drive, intelligence, and compassion that made him not only an impressive scholar but also a genuine friend. This volume is a fitting tribute to him, his scholarship, and his ideas.' (Michael Sulmeyer, Harvard University)

'Alexandros Petersen can be counted among a unique group of scholars who not only sought to interpret the world but to change it. His dedication and passion for political freedom and the construction of a post-imperial world impregnated his work and his life.' (Janusz Bugajski, Center for European Policy Analysis)


'Alex was a prodigiously intelligent scholar with a keen and insightful mind that engaged thoughtfully with both the abstract and the practical aspects of the subject. The publication of his work will undoubtedly contribute new and important understandings to the energy policy of the region.’ 

Michael Rainsborough
Head of the Department of War Studies and Professor of Strategic Theory, King’s College London

Eurasia's Shifting Geopolitical Tectonic Plates is available on Amazon.