Darling by Rachel Edwards


Rachel Edwards’ debut novel Darling has attracted rave reviews since its publication in summer 2018. She has been named as one of The Observer’s ‘promising British first-time novelists’ and there are rumours of a TV adaptation being made.

Darling charts the relationship between a black British woman and her white stepdaughter. Opening on the day of the Brexit vote, the book explores the deep tension that comes from these lives colliding and has been described as a ‘dark, provocative and refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre.’

It was the shock of the Brexit vote, and a first experience of racial abuse a few days after, that spurred Rachel to write. ‘The country felt like a different place’, she says. ‘I wanted to create a black British female character who was interesting, complex and memorable. I wanted my characters to face challenges and for readers to consider how they have come to be how they are.’ Rachel was born and raised in the UK by her Jamaican mother and Nigerian father and says ‘I have always believed some of the realities of being black and British have not yet been documented enough in literature.’

Rachel says she owes her love of writing to her exceptional time at King’s.  ‘King’s gave me sharper tools with which to delve into literature, to question and to discover layers of meaning  –  in short, to read into things, to literally take an intellectual approach.’ 



Darling is available on Amazon.