Kalamaria by Georgios Prassas


Before the Second World War, three people find themselves buried in the mud of the refugees’ settlement of Kalamaria. There they live all the enjoyments and their disappointments, while, at the same time, they hope to escape… one day! Two boys and one girl, of working-class origin, from families who had participated in the resistance during the war, vulnerable and romantic as they are, are dreaming and fantasizing of a “better life”. 

Turbulence of the times, the German occupation, the resistance, don’t leave them untouched. Now, the new world for them is either the jails of the occupation powers or the secret patriot organizations. Eventually, they realize that have been marked politically and socially. It is the stain of the mud of their past, the dirty waters, the persistent memoir of their bitter childhood and early innocence. 

Meanwhile, in the modern era, Kalamaria changes in character and style. Today, their descendants and those who believed in them retrogress in love affairs and circumstantial occupations, searching for truth. Since the old visions no longer exist, their future actions are haunted, sentencing them in stalemate…

A new poverty, like that of their ancestors, now chases them.