King’s in the News – roundup of August 2019

Research from King’s College London and Guy’s, St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospitals makes headlines around the world. We’ve selected a few recent stories to share with you like the economic fallout of a potential no-deal Brexit and the research that suggests red wine could be good for your gut.


The Queen

How bad would a no-deal Brexit be for the economy?

As the October deadline for a Brexit deal is fast approaching, King’s Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Jonathan Portes, asks what impact a no deal Brexit would have on the economy.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK economy will exit the EU with growth already close to zero. Moreover, it will do so against a background of broader global economic weakness, with growth slowing in both the eurozone and US, a trade war already in progress between the US and China, and one between the US and EU a not-so-distant prospect.

The government’s own modelling is broadly in line with estimates made by credible, independent forecasters. There’s little doubt that a hard Brexit would prove a significant drag on growth over the medium to long term.

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Love in the time of Love Island

Dr Tony Milligan, Teaching Fellow in Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion at King’s, was called as an expert witness on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze to discuss what the success of Love Island tells us about the state of contemporary relationships.

Listen to the episode in full on BBC Sounds, with Dr Milligan’s contribution from 18 mins.


Building sustainable healthcare systems

King's and the MIT Sloan School of Management hosted an inclusive all-day summit in Bush House. The event, 'Building Sustainable Healthcare Systems through Innovation and Entrepreneurship,' brought together entrepreneurs, academics, healthcare professionals and policymakers from around the world to discuss opportunities to strengthen healthcare ecosystems.


Brain scans

The dark art of political Facebook ads

Dr Martin Moore, Senior Lecturer in Political Communication Education & Director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power, on the opaque world of political Facebook advertising.

Given the ubiquity of online political advertising and its growing transparency, there is a temptation to think we should stop worrying and accept it as a fact of digital life. This would be a mistake. Why? Because there are still huge gaps between the laws and regulations that protect elections and referendums in the real world and those that apply online.

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Red wine could be good for your gut

A new study from King’s has found that people who drank red wine had an increased gut microbiota diversity (a sign of gut health) compared to non-red wine drinkers as well as an association with lower levels of obesity and 'bad' cholesterol.

First author of the study, Dr Caroline Le Roy said:

'While we have long known of the unexplained benefits of red wine on heart health, this study shows that moderate red wine consumption is associated with greater diversity and a healthier gut microbiota that partly explain its long debated beneficial effects on health.'

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