Loredana: My mentoring experience

Loredana graduated with a MSc in Global Mental Health in 2018, and within a few months of connecting with her mentor Allyson Jones, she had secured two jobs. She has since moved on from this sector to set up her own travel destination guide website, Destguides.com.

Why did you decide to seek the help of a mentor at King's?
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after my MSc, but I had heard about healthcare communications, so I wanted to see if anyone existed at King's who worked in this area so I could explore it more. I searched the King’s Connect platform for people in my field of interest and it so happened there were a few. I reached out to Allyson who had co-founded a Medical Communications company. I didn't have any previous career experience in this field, so any insight was beneficial.

How have you benefited from having a mentor?
I indirectly ended up in two jobs in the health comms space within a few of months of connecting with Allyson. Even though I didn't stay in the field, it shows you the power a mentor-mentee relationship can have - knowledge is power!

Why do you think having a mentor is important?
To provide guidance, knowledge, and of course, support!

What do you think are good qualities to have as a mentor?
To be supportive, realistic, encouraging and empathic.

What's been the best piece of advice your mentor has given you? What impact has this had on you?
Keep trying - even though I had several rejections and there were a few times I wanted to give up. You will always have people that tell you no, but eventually, someone will say yes! It's also helpful to have someone positive around you who continuously encourages you and believes in your skills.

What advice do you have for other mentees or those looking for a mentor?
Reach out - you never know what path it might take you on or where you will end up! I ended up with two jobs in the field I thought I wanted to work in.

What would you say to recommend mentoring to other alumni?
I'd say, it's great! Especially if it's for a field you're unsure about or would like to explore. What do you really have to lose? The more information you have, the more informed of a decision you can make!

What (or who) has had the biggest influence on you to help you achieve your success?
My partner and support circle!

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