Widening participation for students

King’s K+ is a two-year programme for students from underrepresented groups to participate in events, activities and academic workshops created to support them through their university application process. Participants also walk away with the skills they need to be successful as an undergraduate student.

Students who successfully complete the programme and are offered an undergraduate place at King’s are awarded a Start-up Scholarship of up to £1,000. This levels the playing field for new students from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to buy essential study materials, and cover things such as rent and travel during their first few months.

Sigourney’s story

My name is Sigourney, and I am currently in the second year of my degree at King’s – something that still gives me butterflies. My journey to higher education was unconventional and I am the first in my family to attend university. This came with its challenges, but with the help of the K+ programme I was able to overcome them all.

I first realised I had potential during my GCSEs, but I lacked the confidence to envision myself at an excellent university. K+ was a bridge that helped me to take not a leap, but a journey of faith.

K+ gave me the belief that higher education was for me as much as it was for anyone else. It acted as an extra pillar of support for my academic success and beyond. On a trip to the Science Museum, I learned the scale of the resources that London makes available to students. At the Academic Day we studied Parkinson’s Disease and I learned how research influences society. Most of all, I learned that no dream or goal is too big to conquer.

As a Student Ambassador I now work with the current K+ cohort and have the chance to show them what university life is like for a student from their background. In this way, the K+ programme continues to be part of me.
Even now as an undergraduate and Student Ambassador, I still use many lessons I learned on the programme. If you are faced with an opportunity as fruitful as K+, I say grab it with both hands!


The Cromwell Fund

A generous alumni donor, who now lives in the US, has offered to match fund student support donations up to $80,000 (£62,000).

Donate today, your gift will be matched helping twice as many students from underprivileged backgrounds access an equal start at university.

Thank you!