Reggie's Top Five Memories 

In our latest edition of InTouch magazine, we took a look back at the life and times of our very own Reggie the Lion, the King’s alumni mascot. Here, Reggie shares his top five memories from his time at King’s.

1. Reggie comes to King’s


In 1923, King’s Senior Woman Student, Mary Edwards, set out to find a mascot for the university. She bought a metal lion with his paw on a globe, and he was given the name Reggie by the Students’ Union.

Legend has it that Reggie made a fitting replacement for a papier-mâché beer bottle known as ‘Bottled Youth’, which was made in 1922 by King’s rugby players and members of the King’s College London Engineers’ Association (KCLEA).

2. Reggie meets the Queen

reggie meets the queen v2

When the Duke and Duchess of York visited King’s in 1926, a small woolly Reggie on wheels was presented as a toy for the baby Princess Elizabeth (later HM the Queen). The Duchess wrote to say that Princess Elizabeth was ‘quite delighted with the red lion and refuses to play with anything else’.

3. Reggie poses for Fougasse 

reggie fougasse

Reggie was a favourite subject for one of King’s most artistic alumni, Art Editor of Punch magazine, Kenneth Bird (nicknamed Fougasse). He drew the famous ‘dancing Reggie’ and ‘Reggie among the stars’.

4. Reggie and rivalry

reggie and rilvary v2

Reggie became the focus of rivalry between students from King’s and other London colleges, particularly University College London (UCL). In 1950, he was stolen by Queen Mary College students and sent to Drumnadrochit, near Inverness, ‘to rival the Loch Ness monster’.

In 1967, he was stolen by persons unknown and recovered, severely damaged, from the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Surrey.

5. A family of Reggies for today

reggie family 2

By the 1980s, as a result of his misadventures, Reggie cut a sorry figure. He had lost various vital bits of his anatomy and was filled with concrete to stop him being stolen, with a vacuum cleaner hose for a tail.

In 1995, alumnus John Houlston created a new cartoon-like Reggie (now in the entrance hall of the King’s Building at the Strand Campus) and two small replicas.

The original Reggie was restored in 2003, perhaps to watch over King’s for another 80 years.

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