Spotlight on Singapore: Your alumni community

Singapore skyline

In our latest edition of InTouch magazine we shone a light on our fantastic alumni community over in Singapore. Today, we’re sharing some incredible insights into this amazing section of our community, to find out more and read stories from some of our Singaporean alumni, download your free copy of InTouch online.

A growing community

  • There are more than 1,650 alumni of King’s in Singapore.
  • In 1951, just one student from Singapore graduated from King’s.
  • Since 2010, more than 600 Singaporean students have graduated from King’s. Law is the most popular subject to study, followed by Life Sciences and Medicine.
  • More than 50% of Singaporean alumni are under the age of 40.

Singaporean London

  • The top London hangout for Singaporeans is Chinatown.
  • The thing most Singaporeans miss when they return home, surprisingly, is the weather – it is very hot and humid in Singapore!

Tamsyn, Tracie and Tessmin Ooi

Tamsyn, Tracie and Tessmin Ooi

Tracey Ooi (Dentistry, 2014) and her sister Tessmin Ooi (Dentistry, 2016) came to England from Singapore to experience a different education system. As their other sister Tamsyn follows in their footsteps, they reflect on being part of the King’s international alumni.

Tracie was charmed by King’s at her interview, which she found ‘friendlier and less top-down than other universities’. She took long walks through the West End and along South Bank, but most often ended up at the ballet, at the opera or at classical concerts – ‘student concessions really opened things up’.

‘London is an iconic city’, Tessmin told us, ‘and I knew where I wanted to go – food fairs, restaurants, vintage themed bars, movie screenings in abandoned train stations.’

The sisters continue to visit London, not least because their sister Tamsyn is now also studying Dentistry at King’s. They keep in touch with fellow alumni through social media, as well as letters and postcards – which ‘can feel more personal’, says Tessmin.

In Singapore, they meet fellow Dentistry alumni at conferences and social gatherings.

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