A major contribution to King's and higher education in the UK

Lord Sutherland in 2012, during his time as Prime Warden of the Goldsmith’s Company

Lord Sutherland of Houndwood KT FKC, former Principal of King’s College London, has died aged 76.

A distinguished scholar, radical reformer and dedicated public servant, Lord Sutherland was also an intellectual and theologian who wrote widely on issues of faith and philosophy in the context of the educational environment. Born Stewart Ross Sutherland, he achieved a long and exceptional academic career including a thirteen-year tenure at King’s.

Appointed Professor of History and Philosophy at King’s in 1977, he went on to become Vice-Principal in 1981 and then Principal in 1985, before moving to the role of Vice-Chancellor at the University of London in 1990 and Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh in 2002.

Lord Sutherland was committed to improving social care. He chaired the Royal Commission on Care of the Elderly between 1997–99, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Institute of Gerontology at King’s which brings together experts from a wide range of related disciplines and organisations to improve the lives of older people around the world. As Professor Anthea Tinker, Global Health and Social Medicine, and first Director of the Institute commented, ‘he always had time for everyone and his astute judgement was widely appreciated.’

He was also a former Chief Inspector of Schools in England, a previous member of the Board of the Higher Education Funding Council and the Council of Science and Technology. At the time of his death he was President of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.