Spotlight on Greece

King’s has a Greek community of over 2,000, with over 1,000 alumni based in Athens. All have made a contribution to society both while at King’s and in their lives after university. In this article, we catch up with an alumna now working in Greek politics and look at King’s contribution to Hellenic studies.

Olga Kefalogianni (LLM Commercial & Corporate Law, 1998) is a Greek politician. She served as Minister for Tourism in Greek Government from 2012–15 and is currently MP for Athens. She is an attorney at law, a member of the Athens Bar Association, and was the legal advisor to the former prime minister of Greece.

Olga Kefalogianni

‘Following my graduation from Athens University Law School, I decided to come to London to study at King’s. I felt the urge to broaden my perspectives and enhance my background knowledge in law. King’s is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, well known for its high- quality legal studies.

‘I was already quite well acquainted with London life. King’s gave me a totally new perspective of the city, especially since my degree was part of the intercollegiate programme [King’s College London, London School of Economics, University College London and Queen Mary University]. This enabled students registered in all four colleges to mix and gain diverse educational experience. I felt very comfortable in London: I liked the multicultural personality of the city and I particularly miss the beautiful parks.

‘Early in my career I was a lawyer, but was always interested in politics – especially its role in enhancing social cohesion and prosperity. My studies at King’s increased my understanding of international and comparative law, which has been a very helpful background in politics.

‘Women throughout the world are struggling to reach leadership positions, not only in politics. Steps have been taken in Greece in recent years but there is ample room for improvement, especially in tackling stereotypes and educating the public.

‘If I were asked to give advice to my younger self I would remind myself how fortunate I am to have studied at King’s. I’d also say to follow your instinct and do what is close to your heart.’

King’s Greek alumni community

Over 1,500 former students and staff connect through the King’s Greek alumni society. It unites alumni, builds networks and organises events with eminent alumni and supporters, including politicians, diplomats and business leaders. It is run by a committee under the chairmanship of Epameinondas Stylopoulos (Law, 2006).

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