Four top tips for becoming the ideal job candidate in China

Woman searching for jobs on her laptop

It is estimated that eight million people graduate from universities in China each year. In addition, just over three million ‘sea turtles’ (students studying abroad) are expected to return to China after they graduate. That makes a staggering 11 million new graduates each year looking for their first job after university, not counting the millions of existing workers looking for their next career move.

China has an incredibly competitive job market and it’s important that you have the right experience, skills and connections to make yourself stand out when applying for jobs or looking for that promotion. Here are our four top tips to becoming the ideal candidate for your dream job.

Tip One: Attend talks, conferences and seminars

Reading blogs, articles and books are a great way to learn, but nothing beats being in the same room as an expert. Watching a speaker talk passionately about their work can really inspire you to achieve your goals. You also get the chance to ask them questions and find out things you won’t read about elsewhere.

This May, King’s College London will be in Shanghai and Beijing to host special alumni events, where we will be joined by special guest speakers who are themselves local alumni. They were once in your shoes and may have advice to share about how they took their first step onto the corporate ladder. More importantly, you will learn how to make the most of the skills and knowledge you developed at King’s. Following their talks, our speakers and guests will have the chance to network, giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself and make a connection that could turn into a positive career relationship.

Tip Two: Practice your networking

With alumni from all walks of life, the King’s alumni community is an excellent source of ideas, perspectives and opinions. Talk to others in or outside of your industry and share experiences, challenges and goals. This exchange can give you new perspectives on things you are hoping to achieve. Presenting yourself as an innovative thinker and as someone who is open to new ideas may prove beneficial in the future. You may even meet someone looking to recruit or a potential business partner. Attending events regularly and making a good first impression will help you stand out in the crowd. You may even be the first person they come to with a new opportunity.

Networking also makes you step out of your comfort zone, allowing you to develop valuable social skills and build self-confidence. Our alumni events in China offer great networking opportunities, giving you the chance to practice your skills and meet like-minded people who also studied at King’s. You will be glad you practiced these skills when it comes to your next interview or business meeting.

Tip Three: Find a mentor

There’s no better way to gain insider-knowledge about your chosen industry than to make a contact already on the inside. Whether you are looking for your first job or planning the next step in your career, having a mentor gives you a sounding board to test your ideas and a professional role model to look up to. A mentor can give you advice about what recruiters are looking for, what skill sets you can improve to make you promotion-ready or whether or not you should further your education.

If you make a good impression, mentors may be in a position to help you get your foot in the door. A wide range of alumni attend our events in China, from creative industries to business leaders to lawyers. Take the first step and find a mentor today. Sign up to our new and improved mentoring platform, King’s Connect, and search for a mentor who you can arrange to meet in Shanghai or Beijing.

Tip Four: Make sure your details are up-to-date

Whether you are actively looking for work or want to be better known in your industry , it’s important to keep your details up-to-date. Making a good first impression also means sharing accurate and correct information in case someone wants to contact you about a role or other networking opportunities. Remember to update your CV, LinkedIn, social media accounts, and your university.

King’s alumni events are tailored to meet your needs. Log in and update your career and business details to make sure we are giving you the information, resources and opportunities that are most relevant to you. In addition, when you attend our alumni events a badge with your name and job title will be waiting for you.

Join us in China

Remember, as a graduate from a world-leading university, you have what it takes to succeed in a competitive job market. Attend one or both of our events in China and take the first step towards building your career. We’ll be visiting Shanghai on 27 May and Beijing on 29 May. Tickets are going quick so book yours today.