Giving the gift of language to refugees: The Learning Station Project

Lola Siran and Emma Yagour

We are proud of our alumni and student community, whose generosity allows truly amazing things to happen.

Two students at King’s are helping change the lives of refugees through language teaching, made possible thanks to support from the King’s Community Fund, funded by alumni. The project provides English and French classes to asylum seekers and refugees in London in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Lola Siran and Emma Yagour, who study English Law and French Law at the Dickson Poon School of Law at King's, share their story about The Learning Station Project.

A student learning with the project

Lola: ‘Our concern for refugees grew after volunteering in London and in the infamous Calais Jungle. The people we met explained how acquiring language skills was essential not just for integration but also to understand the complex legal procedures they had to go through.

The Learning Station Project quickly formed. The costs for the project are kept low by volunteers giving their time for free, and King’s allowing us to use rooms without charge. We subsidise the students’ travel expenses by £5 per person per class, as they often live far away and could not afford to come to class without this help.

Securing funding for the project was essential. At first we relied on private donations from family and friends, then a fundraising page gathered enough to cover a few weeks of classes. We then applied to the King’s Community Fund – supported by alumni donations – and we were generously granted an amazing £2400, which allows the project to keep going.’ 

Emma: Our students mainly come from Sudan, Syria and Eritrea. They look forward to coming back every week, to learn English in a welcoming environment. More than a class, we like to think that Monday evenings are also a time of laughter, sharing of cultures and happiness.

The students are not the only ones benefiting. They have taught us so much and we deeply admire them for their courage, strength and determination. 

When Lola and I started the project, we would never have thought that it would become what it is today, and that it would mean so much to us.’

All the information about the classes and other events is posted on The Learning Station Project Facebook page on a regular basis. The group also organise visits around London and football games for their students. 

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