How to... Series

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Our ‘How to...’ webinars bring together expert alumni from all over the world to pass on their knowledge to you. Here you can check out their top tips and even catch up on previous webinars in full.

Past events

How to... start a venture

Chaired by Ed Halliday, Head of Ventures at King’s Entrepreneurship Institute, our ‘How to start a venture’ webinar invited entrepreneurial alumnae Madeline Petrow (MSc Emerging Economies and International Development, 2015), cofounder and CEO of online ethical fashion marketplace MAMOQ, and Jessica Berlin (MSc Political Economy of Emerging Markets, 2014), founder and MD of Corporate Social Responsibility specialists CoStruct, to share their knowledge and experience about setting up a company.

Watch the full video or read our summary of their key advice.

How to... grow your professional network

Alumni David Martinelli (Spanish, 1991), Executive Director and Head of Global Agency Trading at Morgan Stanley, Verena Fritzenwenger (Philosophy, 2012), Founder of PEOPLE Consulting, and Jon Addison (Geography, 1996), Head of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, shared their advice on how to grow and make best use of your professional network.

Watch the video in full or check out their top tips.

How to... eat well, be well

From clean eating, detoxes, gluten-free to paleo diets, hardly a day goes by without some new diet making the news. But what is the truth and how should we choose what to eat? How do we choose the right food to ensure we truly nourish our body? How is food a signifier of culture and how does it affect what we choose to eat?

See the top tips from Registered Dietitian Rosie Saunt, cook and food blogger Tim Phedon, and journalist and TV presenter Rebecca Seal below!


How to... be innovative

With innovation becoming the buzzword of the decade, we asked our alumni speakers for ideas to spark innovative thinking. Our speakers came from all walks of life, ranging from surgeons using innovative techniques to transplant organs, entrepreneurs matching ground-breaking early-stage ideas and technologies with relevant industry contacts, and democratising the way science is funded and backed by the public. 

See the top tips from revolutionary surgeon Pankaj Chandak, Crowd.Science founder Natalie Jonk and IN-PART Director Dr Robin Knight below! 

How to... be creative

If you think some people are just born and destined to be creative (and you’re not one of them), think again. Experts say we all have a wellspring of creative energy. The secret is how to tap into it.

At our How to... be creative event, our alumni speakers provided alumni with simple guides of how to get their creative juices flowing. 

Watch these tips from Jennifer Caroline Ellis (Head of Projects and Development at Edouard Maling Gallery), Anna Lowe (creator of the mobile gallery curation app SMARTIFY), and Guy Armitage (Co-founder and CEO of Zealous.) 

How to... make good mistakes

For our second How To… event, we asked five ambitious, entrepreneurial alumni to help us answer a simple question: how can you turn mistakes to your advantage? At WeWork Aldgate Tower, a vibrant space for innovators and businesspeople to work towards their greatest goals, we heard a range of stories from our speakers about how their mistakes taught them essential lessons.

See the top tips from all of our panel speakers below!

See all of the pictures from the event on our Flickr here

How to...make the world your oyster

In March 2016 we looked at how to build an internationally focused career. We invited back four alumni speakers whose careers have covered the whole globe working for companies such as Twitter, Procter and Gamble, TransferWise, Paramount, and Bare Escentuals (Shiseido). Read read the top tips from our international alumni community and hear from our speakers below!

How to...have an internationally focused career!

At the end of last month we held our first 'How to...' panel event, focusing on making the world your oyster and having an internationally focused career. Hear the top tips from our four alumni speakers below and join us at our next event: How to...Make Good Mistakes

Posted by King's College London Alumni on Tuesday, 12 April 2016