Welcome to the Transformation Issue of InTouch!

Since we published the last issue of InTouch, the world as we know it has changed. On 23 June, the UK voted to leave the European Union, and in doing so ushered in Theresa May as the new Prime Minister. More recently, the USA has made an historic decision to appoint a President who has never before elected office. One thing is certain, we are living in a time of great and constant change.

Throughout this issue, we address some of the ways in which the world is changing, and highlight how King’s is making a positive impact. To start with, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the Liver Unit, so what better opportunity is there to celebrate the story of this pioneering facility?

And as the Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital opens its doors (more on this next issue), we are also delighted to bring you the story of one of  its most dedicated advocates, Rola Gordon, who shares why she is supporting this world-leading development. We are also pleased to share the inside story on some of the most exciting parts of the university, from Deborah Bull’s vision for King’s cultural connections across London and the world, to insights from one of the most in-demand research centres at King’s, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR). We also examine how the world has changed for women, and what King’s is actively doing to support women at all levels.

Finally, thank you to everyone who wrote to us following the Celebration Issue. We were delighted with the response, and have taken on board your feedback where possible. I personally hope that you enjoy this issue equally – if not more – and, as ever, we welcome any comments or feedback you may have. Please write to us at alumoff@kcl.ac.uk or at our main address and share your views using #ForeverKings.

With warm regards,

Jennifer Newman, Editor of InTouch

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Selected online InTouch articles:

  1. Global perspectives on radicalism
  2. We Met at King's: Innovators, rain or shine
  3. Then & now: 1979
  4. GKT alumni: Transforming the world

InTouch magazine, Spring 2016

 InTouch Spring 2016

Welcome to the Celebration Issue of InTouch

What are we celebrating? First of all, we’re celebrating the brand new design of InTouch, developed to reflect the calibre of the King’s community. Second, and most importantly, we’re celebrating the fantastic news that the World questions | King’s answers campaign has reached its astounding target of £600 million. You can read more about the world-changing research, projects and people that the campaign has supported, as well as personal notes from Chairman of the Campaign Board Sir John Major and President & Principal Edward Byrne here on the website.

But the celebrations don’t stop there. Looking ahead to Rio 2016, it might be presumptuous to say we’re already expecting success, but we can certainly celebrate the strong representation of King’s alumni and students who are aiming to take part in this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. Along with Olympic veteran Katherine Grainger CBE, King’s is also proud to be supporting current students Dina Asher-Smith, the fastest British woman in history, and sprinter Laviai Nielsen, along with Paralympic hopeful and King’s alumna Liz Saul.

I hope you find that the quality of the content is as high as ever and, while some changes have been made, many of your favourite features remain. This is also my first issue as Editor, and I would welcome any comments or feedback you may have. You can write to me online at alumoff@kcl.ac.uk with the subject line ‘InTouch’ or send your letters to our postal address.

With warm regards,

Jennifer Newman, Editor of InTouch

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Download your copy of InTouch - Spring 2016, or read the latest stories online: 

        1. Inside King's: An interview with Jonathan Grant
        2. Celebrating World questions | King's answers
        3. Inspiration and education for all
        4. What I've learned helping to found a specialist Free School: King's Maths School
        5. Competition time: A sweet challenge
        6. Why I support King's: George Koukis and the philosophy of giving
        7. King's Debate: The EU Referendum
        8. Living Abroad: An American in the heart of Europe
        9. Going for gold: King's Olympians
        10. King's Olympic legacy
        11. Entrepreneur's Market
        12. Advice from the experts: The Diet Myth
        13. We met at Kings: King's Romance, Warsaw wedding
        14. We met at King's: From Geographers to entrepreneurs
        15. "Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly": An interview with Russell Goulbourne
        16. You recommend: A selection from Principal & President, Edward Byrne

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Last issue’s puzzle...
Broken stones
In the previous issue of In Touch, you read about a mathematics professor who bought a small farm in Shropshire, and the property came with a large balance scale and an old 40-pound stone. One morning while cleaning his barn, the professor dropped the stone and it broke into four pieces.
The professor, however, discovered that this was a good thing. Using these four pieces, he could now weigh any item – as long as these items were in one-pound increments – between one and 40 pounds. What did those four stones weigh?
The four pieces weighed one, three, nine and 27 pounds.
You might ask, then how would you weigh a five-pound bag of flour? By putting the bag, the three-pound stone and the one-pound stone on one side of the balance, and the nine-pound stone on the other. How about a 33-pound bag of feed? Put the bag and the three-pound stone on one side of the balance, and the 27-pound and nine-pound stones on the other.
Our winners, drawn at random, are Michael Channon (General Science, 1966), Roger Jones (Civil Engineering, 1961) and David Perry (Physics, 1986). 
Sentence along the lines of… Michael Channon and Roger Jones kindly donated their winnings to the College fund?