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King's alumnae playing rugby

It’s no secret that London is an expensive place to live. Although the city offers many unique and unmissable opportunities for students, there are undeniably tough challenges when it comes to finance. Rising tuition fees and living costs mean that students often struggle to support themselves, but we believe that financial hardship shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents talented students from achieving academic success.

Our alumni have made fantastic contributions to our appeals and continue to help tackle student hardship through funding scholarships and bursaries, enabling the best and brightest students to fulfil their potential. This financial support helps students pay for textbooks, equipment, accommodation and travel cards — all of the basics essential for academic success.

This support also allows students to enjoy a truly memorable experience at King’s.

Your own King’s memories may be of forming lasting friendships; they may be of the sports teams you played for or the societies and clubs you belonged to. You may even have met your spouse during your student days, and have wonderful shared memories to look back on together.

These experiences and opportunities stay with us for life, and it is our belief that all students, from all backgrounds, should have the same opportunity to form life- changing connections, treasured memories, and an equal chance to excel socially as well as in academia.

For many students, the funding they receive is truly transformative. A 3rd year Biomedical Science student said: ‘Flashing back to my first year, I experienced the worst year of my life. My parents both began to suffer from serious health problems and could no longer support me. The pressure of coping with this, alongside my studies and my part-time job, meant it all became too much. I became clinically depressed and had to seriously consider dropping out.

This scholarship has allowed me to re- direct my focus back on my studies. It has allowed me cut down the hours I work in a local restaurant which means my social life has improved too. Your contribution really changed my life.’

In our February fundraising appeal, hundreds of alumni gave back to support students facing all kinds of financial hardship.

As part of our appeal, donors were asked to return a postcard with a message for a scholarship or bursary recipient. Below are just a couple of the wonderful and heart- warming messages we received. Thank you for your support.

Share your own memories with us by tweeting us with the hashtag #ForeverKings!