How to grow your professional network

The King’s alumni team host a series of ‘How to…’ events and webinars with expert advice for life after university. You can watch the full video of ‘How to… grow your professional network’ below and read our summary of the top tips from the panel.

David Martinelli

David Martinelli (Spanish, 1991) is Executive Director and Head of Global Agency Trading at Morgan Stanley

Growing your network:

  • Start with the King’s community, this will be your launch pad. Use all the resources available through King’s. The alumni team have just launched a new platform called King’s Connect where you can talk to alumni from around the world.
  • Build your personal brand. Platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to make new connections.
  • Sign up for mentoring. Surround yourself with people you admire and respect and can help your career. And do the same for others.
  • Go to a lot of events, meet a lot of people, make those human connections.

Making the most of your network:

  • Stay connected. Keep cultivating your network even when you are not actively seeking something from it.
  • Invest in yourself. Make yourself interesting by being active online. Differentiate yourself.
  • Be professional. Remember employers might search for you on platforms other than LinkedIn.
Verena Fritzenwenger

Verena Fritzenwenger (Philosophy, 2012)
is Founder of PEOPLE Consulting

Growing your network:

  • Make sure the connections you make our meaningful. Follow your passions and your interests, people will feel your passion when they meet you.
  • Go to career events. There’s nothing more powerful than meeting people face to face.
  • Really listen to other people, show a genuine interest.

Making the most of your network:

  • Be proactive. Dare to ask people for help.
  • Regularly follow up your connections. Don’t wait for them to come to you.
  • Do things for others, even if it doesn’t benefit you in the moment. People will remember and do the same for you.
Jon Addison

Jon Addison (Geography, 1996)
is Head of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn

Growing your network:

  • Make sure you curate your LinkedIn profile. Keep your details up to date and include an up-to-date professional image.
  • Think about how you document your work experience. Think about internships and volunteering. Think about the skills you have developed and demonstrated undertaking that work. Employers are interested in your soft skills as well as technical skills.
  • Use the alumni groups on LinkedIn to reach out to people from the same university and same course as you.
  • Referral and recommendations are very powerful. 85 per cent of work placements are achieved through them.

Making the most of your network:

  • Be honest, follow your passion and be thoughtful about the words you use. How do these represent you? What will employers be looking for?
  • There is a career advice feature on LinkedIn that can help you find mentors from your network. Reach out in a thoughtful way.
  • Don’t be beguiled by salary or job title or location. Think about the culture and values of a company. Research what it’s like to work in the business you are interested in, connect with current employees.
  • You can register as an open candidate on LinkedIn, to flag that you are interested in a new job.

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