King's staff & alumni publications


In this section you will find extracts from the latest books published by faculty and alumni of King's College London.  If you like to suggest a book or have your own book included please contact the alumni team. Please include an image of the book cover and a short summary of the book. 

The Metropolis of GlassThe Metropolis of Glass
Chloe Lee, English Language and Literature, 2016


Destination EarthDirty War
Glenn Cross, War Studies, 1986


Fall in love with Love with meFall in love with Love with me?
Rachna Chowla, Medicine, 1990

Destination EarthDestination Earth: A New Philosophy of Travel by a World-Traveler
Nicos Hadjicostis, Physics, 1986


Fifty Years of MalfunctionFifty Years of Malfunction
Grant Vicat, Classics, 1982

Reflections on the Challenges of PsychiatryReflections on the Challenges of Psychiatry in the UK and Beyond
Professor Nick Bouras, IoPPN


Songs for the SoulSongs for the Soul
Ivor Moody, Theology, 1980

Sheffield Society of Artists: Members and Proceedings 1930-1953 Sheffield Society of Artists: Members and Proceedings 1930-1953
John Basford, Music, 1980


Nasser's PeaceNasser's Peace: Egypt's Response to the 1967 War with Israel
Michael Sharnoff, Mediterranean Studies Research, 2012

Text Book on Land LawLoyal to the Empire
Patrick Crowley,Defence Studies, 2004


Sandra Blow: Catalogue Raisonne of PrintsSandra Blow: Catalogue Raisonne of Prints
John Basford, Music 1980

Text Book on Land LawThe Making of a Salafi  Muslim Woman: Paths to Conversion
Dr Anabel Inge, Antrhopology of Islam, 2014


Biological Psychiatry of Cancer and Cancer Treatment Biological Psychiatry of Cancer and Cancer Treatment 
Dr Andrew Hodgkiss, 1986, Medicine

Missing BooksReligious Identity and Cultural Negotiation
Jenny McGilll, Theology and Religious Studies, 2015


Missing BooksMissing Books
Brian Harris, Law, 1953

Diplomas and DiplomacyDiplomas and Diplomacy
Aroop Mukharji, International Peace and Security, 2012


Diplomas and DiplomacyA Prescribed Life
Tony Atkinson, 1955, Medicine

Penny Morgan, Zoology, 1964


The Love of Geli Raubal
Brenda Squires, German, 1969

Georgios Prassas, Biology, 1998


The Dragontail Buttonhole
Peter Curtis, Medicine, 1962

De-constructing Dahl
Dr Laura Viñas Valle
M.A., Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, 2014


Bach's Numbers: Compositional Proportion and Significance
Ruth Tatlow
Music, 1983

 The Rule
Jack Colman
Law, 2009



Afrocentric Interpretations of Jesus and the Gospel Tradition
Thomas Slater
Theology and Religious Studies, 1996

The Devil Dancers
Truda Turai
Medieval History, 1983


Weird Sports and Wacky Games
Victoria Williams
English, 2008

Heaven and HellHeaven and Hell: The psychology of the emotions
by Dr Neel Burton


The Einstein CodeThe Einstein Code 
by Tom West

The Colour BlackThe Colour Black
by Maia Walzack


Textbook on land lawText Book on Land Law 
by Judith-Anne MacKenzie

Alexandra PentarakiBreaking the Chains of Women's Depression
by Dr Alexandra Pentaraki


From bench to bedsideFrom the Bench, to the Bedside, to Track and Field 
by Dr Silvia Camporesi

The Kicking Tree by Trevor StubbsThe Kicking Tree
by Trevor Stubbs


Ferguson's gangFerguson's Gang  by Anna Hutton-North

courtroom-smallTales from the Courtroom
by Brian Harris


 The Magic of Monday Ogi Abuchi 75x75The Magic of Monday
by Obi Abuchi

4006 small4006 Days
by Richard Guyver


 wagner smallThe Wagner Experience
by Paul Dawson-Bowling

pretty gentleman smallThe Pretty Gentleman
by Dr Max Fincher

  new stars for oldNew Stars for Old
by Dr Marc Read

Don Quixote's Disciples
by Dr Mark Smith


lion of umana smallThe Lion of Umuna
by Henry Chuks


Stay Calm and Content
By Cat Williams

By Greta Bellamacina

The Road to the Sea
By Ciara Hegarty

  My Restless Spirit
By Reg Grant
The Leap Year  

Rude Boy 
By Simon Corbin

An Illustrated History of The Royal Northern Hospital 1856 - 1992
By Dr Albert Rinsler
  Identity Through Science, Philosophy and Artistic Concepts in the Quran
By Dr Shams un Nahar
My Ward
By Wendy Mathews
  Performing Gender at Work
By Elisabeth Kelan
Ruso and the Root of All EvilsRuso and the Root of All Evils
By Ruth Downie

Howard's End is on the LandingHoward's End is on the Landing
By Susan Hill
English, 1963

Patients in Danger: the Dark Side of Medical Ethics by Dr Gillian CraigPatients in Danger: the Dark Side of Medical Ethics
By Dr Gillian Craig
Medicine, 1960's
  The Ghosts of Eden by Dr Andrew SharpThe Ghosts of Eden
By Dr Andrew Sharp
Medicine, 1979
Merger Arbitrage: How to Profit from Event-Driven Arbitrage by Thomas KirchnerMerger Arbitrage: How to Profit from Event-Driven Arbitrage
By Thomas Kirchner
Physics, 1991
  Odd Man Out in the Alps by Sir Ron NormanOdd Man Out in the Alps
By Sir Ron Norman
Engineering, 1960
Postcoloniality the French Dimension by Margaret MajumdarPostcoloniality the French Dimension
By Margaret Majumdar
French, 1970
  A Choice of Enemies by Professor Sir Lawrence FreedmanA Choice of Enemies
By Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman
Professor of War Studies and Vice Principal
Paranoia: The 21st Century Fear by Dr Daniel Freeman and Jason FreemanParanoia: The 21st Century Fear
By Dr. Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman
Wellcome Trust Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
  Concentration Camps on the Home Front: Japanese Americans in the House of Jim Crow by Professor John HowardConcentration Camps on the Home Front: Japanese Americans in the House of Jim Crow
Professor John Howard
Head of American Studies
Blood Wood by Penny MorganBlood Wood
Penny Morgan
Zoology, 1964 
  Kut 1916 Courage and Failure in Iraq
By Patrick Crowley