His Royal Highness, Reggie the Lion: Hero. Revolutionary. Friend.


Reggie the Lion – mascot and hero of King’s College London.

King’s students and alumni all over the world have fought for him, defended him, and retrieved him from the clutches of enemies. The history chronicled on the following pages celebrates the many adventures, mostly kidnaps, of Reggie and the bands of King’s students who engaged in mascotry over the past 90 years. 

Most of these stories have come from The Official History of Reggie the Lion – a booklet documenting Reggie’s adventures from 1923 - 1993. We gratefully acknowledge and thank Simon Chapman and Howard Dawber, for putting together this history, on behalf of KCLSU, while studying at King’s in the early 90s. The booklets were sold for £1.50 to raise funds for Reggie’s repair. The funds raised, along with the generous donations of Mr William Kwan, a law student from the 1950s, meant Reggie could be repaired to his current and glorious state.

Mascotry is born

  • On the first mascotry battle in history
  • On the pressing need for a mascot 

The early years: 1926 - 1938

  • Reggie is stolen!
  • A King for a Queen
  • The Lord Mayor’s Procession of 1931

Wartime Reggie: 1939 – 1945

Golden Days: 1946 – 1960

Dark Days: 1961 – 1981

The Lion goes from strength to strength: 1981 – 1993

  • King’s vs Imperial
  • Jeremy loses his head

Reggie in the Modern Day

Reggie's top 5 memories

Your memories of Reggie

Got a Reggie memory? Send it in!

Reggie's modern facelift

The many forms of Reggie the Lion

>>Reggie's story begins...