Q&A corner


We love to hear from alumni and find out what they have been up to since leaving King's.

In our regular feature, we catch up with alumni from across the world and find out how King's helped them to achieve their goals. Be prepared for nostalgia, advice and a great sense of pride.

Adele AitchisonQ&A corner:
Adele Aitchison (English Language & Literature, 2013)


 Jonathan AndrewsQ&A corner:
Jonathan Andrews (English Language & Literature, 2015)

Nouman KhalidQ&A corner:
Nouman Khalid (Computer Science, 2004)


Charlotte RichardsonQ&A corner: 
Charlotte Richardson 
(English Literature, 2012)

Cynthia SalimQ&A corner:
Cynthia Salim (Human Values & Contemporary Global Ethics, 2010)


 Alice and FleuretteQ&A corner:
 Alice Holden & Fleurette Mulcahy
 (Both Geography, 2014)