Q&A corner: Deepak Aulak

Adele Aitchison

Deepak Aulak (Dentistry, 2016), is a London based dental practitioner with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry.

What does the Dental Alumni Association (DAA) offer alumni?

The Dental Alumni Association is a collective organisation for graduates of GKT Dental School, King's College Hospital Dental School, the Royal Dental Hospital Dental School, and the United Medical and Dental Schools. We provide opportunities for past dental students and staff to meet and keep in touch with each other, current students, and staff at the Dental Institute. Our social and academic events enable alumni to further themselves professionally in the field of dentistry as a whole.

How can people get involved with the DAA?

The DAA holds frequent class reunions and social events. Every year the Dental Institute holds a popular professional development event for alumni, the Dental Alumni Weekend. The event presents internationally renowned speakers and our member’s travel from all over the country to attend. It includes a black-tie dinner with specific reunions for graduates of certain years.

The DAA is connected to the Dental Circle, a group of alumni, staff, former staff and friends of the Dental Institute at Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals and the Royal Dental Hospital who very generously help us to provide current students and staff with the best facilities and opportunities that they need.

A mentorship scheme has also been set up to help students grow and be guided through the profession of dentistry. The DAA annually presents the Alumnus of the Year Award and Alumnus Distinguished Service Award, to distinguished members in recognition of their achievements.

What’s your favourite DAA activity or event?

I was fortunate to attend the Dental Alumni Weekend as a student. The black-tie dinner was a memorable event with great food and a social atmosphere. I connected and socialised with alumni who were influential individuals in the dental field. The weekend also had some amazing lectures, showcasing the latest developments in dentistry.

What’s your fondest memory as a student?

As president of King’s Dental Society I saw first-hand the work the DAA does to ensure students are cared for. One great example is the fund that was set up by former Dental School Professor Nairn Wilson, which allows the Dental Society to be self-sufficient and grow to meet the demands of a special student body. This generosity demonstrates how the DAA values its current and future members, with a real passion to enhance the student experience and welfare.

What’s your favourite dentist joke?

A book never written: “Dental Examination” by Hope N. Wide.

Dental Alumni Weekend

The annual Dental Alumni Weekend takes place 1-2 March 2019.

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