Reflections on the Challenges of Psychiatry in the UK and Beyond by Nick Bouras

Reflections on the Challenges of Psychiatry

This book is a historical chronicle of developments and changes of UK psychiatry over the last 40 years, all told from the perspective of a man influential and prominent in much of the process. Professor Bouras witnessed the challenges in psychiatry as a postgraduate student, practicing clinician, teacher, trainer, researcher and health service manager, allowing him to provide a personal panoramic view of some of the most significant milestones of modern psychiatry.

Professor Edgar Jones, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London has said that ‘this exploration of the psychiatry of intellectual disabilities is revealing not only as a personal history but also as an analysis of its clinical development, research challenges and its place in the politics of health. Professor Nick Bouras is particularly well qualified to provide this insightful and evocative account.’

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