Remembrance Day

King’s ethos to serve society is long-standing.  It has been embraced by our alumni, staff and friends throughout history.  This is especially true in the field of conflict, with many laying down their lives for their country.  Sadly, almost 500 King’s staff and students were killed in action in World War I.  338 more fell by the end of World War II.  

They are not forgotten.  Their names are all inscribed on the College Chapel doors, in the Strand building, as a constant tribute to their sacrifice.  They are also commemorated by King’s each year with a special Remembrance Day service, which takes place in the Guy’s campus Memorial Gardens. 

King’s Word War I Centenary events
To mark the centenary of World War I King’s has devised a four-year programme of commemorative activities and exhibitions. Public exhibitions include:

 Lives from a Global Conflict (Maughan Library) – an exploration of impacts of the First World War on individuals in and beyond Europe. The exhibition runs until 17 December 2016. (Closed on Sundays.)

Traces of War (Inigo Rooms, Somerset House) - a series of art installations in response to various aspects of war. Traces of War is open Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm, late night Thursdays to 8pm. The exhibition runs until 18 December 2016.

The King’s Archives also hold details of First and Second World War deaths plus a variety of other wartime materials. These can be viewed online or by appointment.


Read the story of how one King's alumnus killed in World War Two was remembered through his brother's legacy gift.