Share your skills by becoming a mentor

The King's Leadership Mentoring Programme hand-matches our most successful and established alumni with our most promising students and recent graduates, for mutual benefit.

The programme gives mentors the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, giving support to up-and-coming students and graduates from King’s. This helps them to achieve their goals during their studies and as they enter the world of work.

Now in its third year, the programme has gone from strength to strength as more mentors have been matched with students and graduates who can benefit from their wisdom.

Fawz and Stephanie’s story

                                          Fawz Farhan                                                                    Stephanie Arnold

Business leader Fawz Farhan (Pharmacy, 1990) mentors King's student Stephanie Arnold. Fawz is a London-based pharmacist, trainer and medical writer and co-founder of Mediapharm, a pharmacy training and education company.

For Fawz the mentoring experience has been very positive. She says: ‘Being a mentor has been really rewarding and interesting, as not only do I feel I'm helping someone about to enter the world of work but it helps me reflect on my own practice.

‘We meet face to face every four to six weeks and it's very much a two-way process and an open discussion about how we handle situations that open up opportunities and address challenges. We tried to follow a formal approach at first but realised it was far better to just reflect on the previous month and the month ahead at each meeting.

‘Stephanie also asks me about how I've handled situations in the past and that gives me a chance to reflect on how to better deal with such situations in the future. We've been doing this for nearly a year and we've built a really good rapport. Stephanie is lovely and very inspiring and I only wish I was as focused as her, when I was her age.’

Stephanie is also clear about how beneficial the programme has been for her. She says: ‘I am very fortunate to be mentored by Fawz through the programme. We have forged a professional yet nurturing relationship, offering a safe space in which I am able to openly reflect on my developmental needs.’

‘During our sessions, we work together to identify opportunities where I can develop personal skills. For example, Fawz has offered valuable advice and guidance while I have been establishing a new committee at King’s. This has allowed me to gain experience leading a small team, which will be valuable when applying for my next role, beyond my PhD.’

‘My mentor Fawz has contributed significantly towards my achievements over the past few months and I am extremely grateful to be supported through her knowledge and experience.’

Could you be a mentor like Fawz?

If you join the Leadership Mentoring Programme, you’ll be invited to exclusive events throughout the year, giving you the chance to meet and network with other members of the programme in person.

To find out more about this mentoring programme, and to register your interest in joining it, email