Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' through the years 

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Whether you graduated five, 10 or 50 years ago, the chances are your memories of GKT are still strong. Nevertheless we thought we would provide some inspiration for you to take a walk down memory lane.

If you graduated in the 1950s

Just because you graduated 50 years ago – that doesn’t mean the link to GKT has faded away! Just to prove it, Dr. Robin Elsdon-Dew tells us that his former medical students fellows decided to get together to play golf in 1964. Since then, they have made it their mission to get together every year! 2014 was their 50-year anniversary. Their meetings started as one overnight stays and then progressed to four to five-day meetings. They have travelled extensively in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France.

If you graduated in the 1970s

It’s not just the fashion that has changed since the 1970s. Check out these images of GKT back in the era of flares and funk. Who knows, you might even spot yourself! 

The dental laboratory at Guy's 1970s

Library at Guy's 1970s

The phantom head room at Guy’s 1970s 

The rebuilt East Wing at Guy’s

Guy's Medical and Dental Schools, Guy's Hospital for prospectus 1967-84

If you graduated in the 1990s

Do you remember the Guy’s Hospital United Clubs Union Shop? It promised to be the nicest shop in town…Back then, mail order was available and you could buy the following items: blazer badges and buttons, tie pins and badges, ties – silk and polyester, and Guy’s teddy bears.

Guy’s Hospital Gazette, December issue, 1992

If you graduated in the 2000s

The GKT Medical Society was launched in 2003. It promised to bring together groups of event-organising students to allow them to share ideas, talents resources and much more.

Events on the 2003 calendar included:

  • A Comedy Review
  • Diwali Show
  • Massive May Ball
  • Drama Production
  • Musical…

newly launched GKT Medical Society


President of the society and former GKTVP Guy Schofield said:

‘This new society is a really exciting development for GKT. Its possibilities are endless, limited only by the number of students that get involved and the ideas that they bring.’

Feeling inspired?

We hope so. Now it’s time to organise a reunion at Alumni Weekend.