Trophy by Penny Morgan


Merciless slaughter by increasingly violent poachers has pushed rhinos to the very edge of extinction.

In the African savannah, in Selati National Park, a much-loved rhino lies dying in agony, half his skull missing, fatally injured by poachers after his horn. Horns are worth more than gold or cocaine and have become a status symbol for ambitious businessmen.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Draper, assigned to try to curb the ruthless trophy hunters and poachers who are destroying rhinos to feed the insatiable appetite for horns in the Far East, is temporarily based at Selati to organise cutting-edge measures to combat poaching. 

The trail of the trafficked horns leads him from Africa via Mozambique to Haiphong in Vietnam, where he meets up with his friend, the zoologist Professor Mark Rees. Together they attempt to track the destination of the horns and identify the masterminds/key players behind the biggest decimation of wildlife in history. They watch and wait – and are watched in turn. 

They know only too well that the shadowy criminals behind the trafficking have links to Triads and terrorists, and do not hesitate to eliminate anyone who gets in their way – that includes determined detectives.

Paul Draper discovers that he is up against an old, remorseless adversary in a war to save a species.

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