Video: Prince Harry visits King’s to talk about veteran mental health

HRH Prince Harry gives his support to the Veterans’ Mental Health Conference at King’s College London. His Royal Highness led a panel discussion on the benefits of open and honest conversations about mental health at the conference. Organised by King’s Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR), the conference gathered leading experts on mental health in the Armed Forces.

In the clip, Prince Harry shares his views on the stigma surrounding mental ill health in the armed forces, and the persistent use of unhelpful phrases such as ‘ticking time-bomb’. 

He adds that: 'More people are accessing help now than ever before. But of course we still have a lot of work to do’. The Prince also highlights the fact that armed forces personnel’s experience of mental illness often extends beyond Post Traumatic Stress disorder. 

‘Most who face issues will experience common conditions like depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders. My fear is that people will not get the appropriate help due to the stigma surrounding the more common conditions.’

Prince Harry is joined in the clip by three former members of the UK and US Armed Forces: Caroline Buckle, Ivan Castro and Philip Eaglesham. They share accounts of their experiences of managing mental health challenges. The group emphasises the importance of the Armed Forces community working together to encourage an open attitude to mental ill health. 

KCMHR is the leading civilian centre of excellence for military health research, independent of the UK Ministry of Defence. Its work has help shape government policy towards military personnel and has research published in high impact journals such as the British Medical Journal and The Lancet.

Most recently, the Centre has made an impact on policies including mental health provision for reservists, entitling them the same care after deployment as their regular counterparts, and has contributed evidence to change the policy of how anthrax vaccinations are offered

Prince Harry supported the conference as part of the Heads Together campaign, of which King’s College London is a partner, to change the conversation on mental health. He leads this campaign with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.