Watch: Surgeon Pankaj Chandak delivers exclusive lecture on innovation in surgery

Video length: 1 hr 5 mins

Watch King’s alumnus Pankaj Chandak (Medicine, 2001), a King’s Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Transplant Surgery, deliver a keynote speech to the Royal Institution. Pankaj discusses the role of innovation in surgery and the striking developments that the field has seen in the last 50 years.

Illustrating the invasive and risky surgical techniques of the past, Pankaj reprises his role as surgical adviser to the production team on Netflix’s drama The Crown. Pankaj advised the team on the creation of an anatomically accurate model of King George VI, which appeared in episode one of the series.

The model was brought to the Royal Institution from the Gordon Museum of Pathology, at Guy’s Campus, where it was donated following The Crown.

Pankaj Chandak

In the lecture, Pankaj takes his audience on a journey through innovations in medicine: from the first antiseptics of Joseph Lister to cutting-edge surgical robots. In the course of an hour he reveals how modern-day surgeons are realising the impossible using 3D printing, perfusion machines and antibody-supressing drugs. 

Pankaj described the opportunity to speak at the Royal Institution as a ‘huge honour’.